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January 04, 2007

Pita: Pocket Bread, Tahini: Flavor Sauce

Before I get to the rundown, I want to thank our hostess in Apt. 11. We were supposed to meet in Apt. 4 but an unexpected delay at Meijer forced us to make a quick change. I also want to thank Ari for assisting with the catering.

Icebreaker: Best meal of the break

Ian: Cholent at a restaurant and home-cooked Shabbat dinner.

Tedi makes a grand entrance.

Ari: (He was going to go but he’ll pass for now.)

Avie: I was in Jamaica and I ate rice and peas (kidney beans specifically).

Emily (first meeting): I was in the Republica Dominicana, my most memorable meal was ordering room service (it came two-and-a-half hours late), coffee and sweet rolls, which I ate in bed while watching Oceans Twelve.

David: I’m an alum. My break has been long already, not to rub it in. My best food was at my Italian grandmother’s house, where she keeps feeding you and feeding you and feeding you. She made pizza from scratch one day.

Adam: I’m Adam, an alum. I’ve taken an affinity to kebobs with hummus. They are good hot or cold. The hummus doesn’t come on the kebab, you buy them at Market Square or Papa Joe’s. I really like Sabra extremely spicy.

What have David and Adam done since graduating?

David: grad school in Colorado studying journalism. I have also had trouble getting out of Denver. I had to drive from Denver to Vail to catch a flight the next day. David is leaving to go back on the 10th. Ari is also leaving then. But Ari is traveling direct to Denver. David is stopping in MSP and flying to EGE (Eagle County). So they aren’t even ending at the same destination except the same state.(We got sidetracked with the Ari-David flying conversation and forgot to find out what Adam is doing)

Frayda wondered if I (Ian typing) was like the person in the courtroom who recorders. Ian said oh a stenographer. Then thought that the stenographer was the sketch artist. David corrected him and said that person is called a sketch artist.

Ari: My family’s Christmas Eve tradition is to eat lobster. Frayda made a joke about whether that is a biblical tradition. Ari said that nobody in his family eats lobster. After losing three real front teeth biting into the lobster, it’s safe to say his grandfather will be using other teeth next time.

Limor: I went to London and Paris. In London I went to a sushi place with a conveyor belt and robot. You sit on the bar and grab your food on the belt. You take whatever you want to eat. By measuring the color of your bowl, they add up how much you eat.

Ian is struggling with Microsoft grammar check. (Stupid inflective language)

Tedi: I went to Mexico where we ate a lot of bad food. When I came home, we ate at Andiamo’s, which is my favorite restaurant, and had a really good meal.

Amira: I enjoyed my last Friday Shabbat meal. My family, friends, and family friends were there.

Frayda: I’m kind of indecisive (claims that she will settle on two or three meals) We’ll start with at the beginning fo the vacation with my whole family (parents and their siblings) at Niagra Falls with all the moms making different types of food. I even contributed by setting the table. I didn’t help cook, that was the moms’ job.

Williams recap

Relay for Life Update

We need to register.

Other than that, we talked about what type of food competition we could hold after last year’s Erasing Stereotype’s success.

Because the event will be after Pesach, we figured that most people will be sick of Passover foods, whether or not they are delicious. But the event is well before Shavuot, people thought that we could get people in the mood with a cheesecake competition.

From David, who won last year’s RFL event with a cheesecake:: Cheesecake is a canvas … (I edited the cheesecake wikipedia entry to include this one)

What do we do if people don’t like cheesecake or are lactose intolerant? We don’t know yet.

We did think that people could get sick of cheesecake after so much but we offered a solution: Kiddush sized pieces.

Backgammon tournament coupled with a dip competition

It will be on a Saturday afternoon January 27th.

Dip defined as anything that can be receive by a pita and consumed.

Avie just found out that Frayda lives in her building. She is hosting a party tomorrow night. If you are reading this, you are invited.


The date for the second annual Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off is set as March 10. Start scheming, experimenting, and paying off the judges.

With four food competitions in four months, I have decided to name the circuit the Ann Arbor Jewish Food Competition Circuit (A2JF2C)

Erick enters. He thinks the internet is fucking crazy.

Erick: I had a huge steak for my mom’s birthday, that was yesterday. I had a rib eye. It was great.

Movie night and discussion with Rabbi Nathan

We’ll attend and publicize. Ian will use Handbreak. Limor’s uncle, Asher Tlalim, is kind of a big deal in the Israeli film industry.

When can we have another Shabbat dinner?

We’ll have it on February 2.

Anonymous: Ruby got me into the Rolling Rock shit, and I can’t stop drinking it

Posted by irobi at January 4, 2007 10:06 PM


Some alumni returned?

Man I wish it was I, the former program director. For the record, my favorite meal over break was a seared ahi tuna with braised fennel and blackberries. Yes, I made it. Sure, I'll cater the next meeting.

Posted by: kaczanda at January 5, 2007 12:25 PM

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