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January 11, 2007

We have weathered every wreck

Campus Conversation Question:

We have all been having the same conversation for the last week-plus, but we all want to know when is it going to end. When is the latest that I can say how was your break?

According to our campus culture sage, Ari, you can’t say it after MLK day because people would get confused between what break you are referring to (when you see Ari after the weekend, ask him what he did on break)


Going by that logic, while we still can: Story from break and if you can’t think of a story, we will let Shira talk about a story from her trip to Israel. Other possible introductions include your favorite/least favorite car (following the auto show theme) or favorite/least favorite 24 character (with the premiere event next week).

Shira: My 20-year old friend got married. While we are in a Shmooze meeting, she is finishing sheva brakhot. The wedding continues for a whole week after. Deb says that in Inda, the groom’s best friend has to sleep next to the groom’s best friend the night before the wedding with a knife to protect him. Shira says that there is a similar tradition with Jewish women from the mikveh to the wedding.

Ari wonders why Indian men cover their head. He went on a textual tradition vs. non-textual tradition tangent. According to Shira, Ari didn’t know what he was talking about. But Ari said he knows what he was talking about. In conclusion, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. Ari: I participated in Gerald Ford’s funeral. I got a letter from the Boy Scout Council and a phone call. They asked if I would participate in the ceremony. (Ari wore his uniform. He spent all night on Monday sewing on patches to stitch to a new uniform. He was interviewed on the news and realized that he was incoherent.)

Deb: My least favorite car is the convertible PT cruiser. They are silly, but cute, but silly. My roommates came home with me to Chicago. They all got to meet my dog, Lola.

Ian: While in a grocery store in Crown Heights, I was interviewed by Chabad Internet News for my opinions on the situation in Gaza and how my Hanukkah was. Another story: Ian and Ruby went to a Hanukah-themed Leevees concert, and they had dreidel and gelt lying around the club (we taught a few people how to play).

Rachel: I like/liked Tony Almeida (she doesn’t know that he died last year, she’s a watch when the DVDs come out type watcher)

Erick: I had a great new year’s party. It was great, and I only remembered the countdown. My favorite car is a Range Rover because it is the best SUV ever (and you need an SUV to travel on Costa Rican roads).


Rachel: I have never smoked a cigarette (reaches for Rodrigo’s cigarette on the table). She plays with it and looks at it for a few minutes. She questions the smoking habits of other people in the room and then puts it down.

Backgammon Tournament:

Ari is complaining about Hebrew, and we get on a long tangent. Ian sits in the corner hoping that the meeting gets back on track. But now, we are talking about how the Siegel family celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday.

On the subject of the dip competition that will accompany the event:

Relay for Life Update

Captain Deb:O Captain, my Captain, our fearful trip is done; The Ship has weathered every wreck (Deb was feeling a little Whitman-y). We need to register for Relay for Life, this weekend. I need to have everyone participate. I need everyone to hope that the weather will be better this year

Cheesecake competition with Kiddush-sized cakes

Deb will send an e-mail to Joel this week

Jews on the Big and Silver Screens

People aren’t that excited about it, yet. Ian will talk to Rabbi Nathan tomorrow.

Kugel off

It is on March 10, start practicing.

We’re sponsoring Shabbat dinner the night before

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