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April 07, 2007

Readying to Relay

We had a meeting on Thursday night, and I've been busy since. So, here we go with the meeting recap.

Relay for Life is next Saturday morning to Sunday morning. It is the best event of the year. Get hyped.

We will have a meeting on Wednesday night to make the final prep.

Main points

We need to step up our fundraising efforts. It is so easy to e-mail people. Just look at the team website. The link is on the left side.

Continue fundraising efforts.

We need to think about activities and things to bring to the tent.

Enter the cheesecake competition

Does anybody want to create something that we can carry? (a baton, if you will)

To the meeting notes.

Icebreaker: Post-Passover meal plan:

Erick: I don’t have to think about it. Beer. The Jug, probably. (He frequents the Jug and went to Dominick’s on St. Patrick’s Day.)

Erick’s 21st birthday was the ultimate 21st birthday party. Avie complained that she couldn’t stand it.

Pause while Erick friends Tedi

Avie: When Passover ends I am definitely going to have a Potbelly’s vegetarian sandwich.

Erick doesn’t like what they have done to Rolling Rock. It’s become too commercial.

Shira hates the pizza thing at Potbelly’s.

Shira: I usually never really break it. It just happens. It is never an event. I don’t really know or care.

Fallon: I’m looking forward to buddy’s pizza with pasta and yummy rolls but Tomatoes in better. Buddy’s is the best square. Tomatoes is the best rouned. Sandra works at Amici’s. She’s in Argentina.

Ruby: If I were going to be home, I would break with Buddy’s (a Robinson tradition). I will be flying home. Erick thinks he should get Rolling Rock on the plane.

Lizzy: A big fat bagel with a ton of cream cheese and lox.

Ari: Zingerman’s. Oh wait. Yeah, Zingerman’s.

Tedi: I usually break with pizza but this year I will be going to Mongolian

Deb: I’d have to say three different types of pizzas. NYPD, In and Out, and Backroom.

Ian: I will probably eat Za’s. Not by choice but because my group will be there.

Mike: I’m going to have chocolate pizza topped with cookies and brownies.

Relay for Life discussion

Deb is trying to call for order. She’s complaining that people won’t stop talking.

Relay for Life is a week from Saturday and starts at 10 a.m. We have to be there and do stuff and have fun.

Ruby won’t be there.

Frayda is the other captain.

Frayda and Deb met a few days ago to think of team activities to make it fun and a good atmosphere to make people want to come.

Lizzy said that if a little girl has a graduation paty at the Relay for Life tent and someone kicks a soccer ball into you cake and you tell them not to say sorry and that person says don’t worry I won’t.

Shmooze has a tent (we won a raffle for one of 15) and a poster that we need to decorate. We need to make our team name big enough for everyone to see. (note: we made the team poster after the meeting)

They were talking about bringing games, couch, hoola hoops, food, Shabbat potluck lunch. Could we bring something to sell to raise money?

Cheesecake competition will occur at 10:00. Last year, we scheduled it in the middle of the vigil. Poor timing.

The problem with cheesecake is the cracks but they are not hard to make. I’m confident that we can get 10. It will be at 10 or 10:30.

Frayda and Deb were going to have cheesecake competition extended to everyone in Relay for Life. They could buy raffle tickets and the raffle winner will win a cheesecake. We have a better solution to raise money.

Whether or not you’re on the Shmooze list a $1 donation to judge.

Last year, there was a team that carried around a brown plane. Erick’s in charge of making the boat (EXODUS). Ari said he would assist. Erick said the boat is sunk and won’t make it to Israel. We need a new idea or a new shipbuilding.

We need to step up fundraising. You need to send out e-mails. Then those people will send those out to people. If your parents work for a large organization, the company will match the donation.

Things to think about: table or card table. We could easily borrow it from Hillel. We could

We should barbecue this year. We can barbecue and make pita. If it’s cold we need blankets and sleeping bags. We need a lantern and bug spray. We could see Shmooze Hot Dog Carts and donate to Relay for Life.

Frayda signed us up for 3-on-3 basketball and root beer pong.

They are opening Couzens cafeteria and Palmer Commons for studying because it’s just before finals. We need to figure out ideas for fundraising.

Instruments, guitar, drums, harmonica, football, soccer balls, Frisbees, basketballs, board games, devil sticks, play station, ribbon dancing, ipod speakers, hoola hoop competition,

3-on-3 basketball is at 1:30 and root beer pong is at 3:00. They stressed that you bring cash for groups’ other fundraiser.

Sign up for walking spots through e-mail before Wednesday meeting. Figure out the details.

Until then, brainstorm and e-mail ideas of activities and fundraisers.

Luminaria bags. We got 10. They will hand them out on the day of the event. You can decorate these bags in honor of someone who survived cancer or couldn’t. Please decocarte.We’ll do that now.

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