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September 16, 2007

Shmooze meeting 1: How did the violence ice breaker turn into camp stories?

Rachel’s suggestion: Musical chairs meeting? We’ll figure out the logistics.

Before the meeting: Ruby texted in his icebreaker response: my favorite candy is Snickers (frozen).

Icebreaker: Most violent summer, crime you’ve, or anything.

Ian: While on a camping trip, I witnessed the most intense camper-to-camper violence any tripping staff member had witnessed. The boy in the middle of the canoe turned around and started hitting the girl in the back of the canoe in the head with his paddle. It was pretty intense.

Yael: I was a counselor this summer for sixth grade girls. The boys stole our candy (which if you’re allowed to have food in the cabin, is a camp that I would like to go to) and put it in boats in the middle of the lake. When the girls got the candy back, the boys started attacking the girls (apparently, the rules of shomer negia don’t apply to intergender fighting). The boys started taking the food back, and the girls started hitting them. Apparently, someone was put in a headlock.

Ari: I saw someone get hit by a car, but I’m not going to tell about that. I was on a motorcycle in Vietnam this summer. I was getting of the bike and put my leg on the muffler and it curdled my skin (I question Ari’s choice of verb, but I’ll let his words stand on their own).

Shoshana: I can’t think of anything.

Sam: This summer, I took out a trip to Alaska. We were playing four-square at a rest area, and I went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw an early 90’s/late-80s car yoink our sidewalk chalk (the arm came from the passenger-side window). We couldn’t play anymore four-square.

Lizzy: I didn’t witness this one. When I was at Bonnaroo two years ago, someone got run over by Ricky Skaggs and the Kentucky Thunder’s tour bus. (Lizzy’s a big fan, and I’ve never heard of them)

Rachel: A bag of chips got decimated by a box tool (I went to Family Defense Products to get thsi picture).

Dina: I was a lifeguard two summers ago, and a little boy started drowning. I saved him. (I think he owes you a lifetime of servitude.)

Ryan: Somehow I was at some hick county fair in the backcountry of Massachusetts, and they had an ox pull. It was just cruel watching it.

Hannah: On my camping trip, some guys pulled up to our campsite, harassed us, and started quoting Chucky movies. I was with a bunch of 13-year old girls. One of our staff members threatened them with a knife, and, depending on who you listen to, the kids left immediately or in an hour.

Jamie: We’ll come back. (Actually, we won’t. But she promised to come to another Shmooze meeting and introduce herself)

Andrew: I was a counselor this summer and another one of the counselors had a water-balloon launcher. Our kids had always wanted to play with it. So, we thought “Why don’t we launch balloons at them?” Most of the time, the balloons wouldn’t hit the kid (key word: most). One time, a kid’s chest got in the way of balloon hitting the ground. It was three days before the end of camp, and we had to explain to his parents why he a giant bruise over his heart.

Shoshana: I was on a camping trip with Avery and Zak Weinstein. (They’re not brothers. They don’t even have the same last name. That’s just how she said it.) And a camper shat her pants. She got out of the tent and yelled that she needed toilet paper. The counselor said you don’t need the toilet paper because girl just went to the shitbox (box near campsite where you shit). The camper responded that it was too late — she had already gone. Avery and Zak started celebrating. In the morning, we realized that she got out of the tent and went again in the middle of the night (not in her pants, but next to and on the tent).

Andrew: Two summers ago, another camper in my age group. (Digression, actually a regression) We have a climbing apparatus. There is space for two at the top. The kid at the top decided it would be a great time to pee in his pants and have it trickle down the climbing wall.

Shmorze Fest 5758: The Shmooze Club’s annual escape back to summer camp will be next Thursday as Shmorze Fest will return for its second year. It will occur at 517 Elm. (More specific details to follow later.)

After revolutionizing the bonfire world with the invention of the Shmore (replace Hershey’s with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup [We’ve check the records, and it never happened before.].) last year, the Shmooze Club will attempt to have a similarly groundbreaking event this year. Things that will happen:

Matt walks in and grabs Sam with the intent to scare.Shabbat dinner: The first Shmooze Shabbat dinner of the year will be hosted by 1145 S. Forest. It will be October 12. Expect more details to come later. Also expect to leave satisfied.Hot dog cart: There have been a lot of rumors going around about the hot dog cart. Let me address some off them:

The hot dog cart is already open, but it’s on North Campus: I can neither confirm nor deny this, because I don’t know where North Campus is and have never been there. If the cart is open on North Campus, I wouldn’t know about it. (How much longer can I make the I’ve-never-been-to-North-Campus or North-Campus-is-in-BFE jokes? Perpetuity.)

The hot dog cart will be LEEDS-certified:

Isn’t Leeds a city in England? How would they certify a hot dog cart?

The hot dog cart is just a rumor spread by Ian to promote the Shmooze Club:

That would be a brilliant idea, wouldn’t it? There actually is a hot dog cart, and we have a non-Photoshopped photo of Ian working it. Or at least you think it’s not Photoshopped.

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