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September 06, 2007

The Young and the Restless .... and the Jewish

I don't know how many of Mir Blogn's readers are big daytime soap fans.

I don't know if any of Mir Blogn's readers are big daytime soap fans.

In case you aren't, I think there is a plotline that you should be aware of.

Earlier this summer, Brad Carlton from The Young and The Restless revealed that he is Jewish and the son of a Shoah survivor. Apparently, this is far from normal in the show's setting of WASP-y Genoa City, according to The Forward.

Not only is Carlton a Jewish character, but many of the show's upcoming plots will also grapple with Jewish issues.

If you don't want me to ruin the plot stop reading now. Considering how I worded this cliffhanger, I think I have a future in writing soaps.

To repent for some of his actions in the past year, Carlton, who is played by Don Diamont, will attend Yom Kippur services.

Carlton has been a character on the show for 22 years, and, amazingly, his Jewish identity was never revealed until this summer. According to his wikipedia page (I would like to quote a more credible source, but I'm talking about soaps), Carlton's character has divorced five times, had one wife die, remarried another wife, had another marriage annulled and has been romantically involved with six other female characters on the show.

He might not have been married by a rabbi but when he wants repentance, he knows exactly where to go.

By the way, I'm not a big soaps fan, either.

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