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September 07, 2007

This could be bad news for the future of society

In a recent experiement involving chimpanzees, orangutangs and 2.5 year old human babies, it turns out that babies are not that much smarter than their primate counterparts.

According the New York Times blog, which summarized the information from the Science journal, the chimpanzees outperformed the humans in causality tests and tied them in spatial skills. If you're looking for hope in mankind's future, the babies trounced the other species in social learning skills that involved popping open the top of a container to get food.

Now, I have always been supportive of inter-speical competitions. In high school, I placed bets on Fox's Man vs. Beast show that pinned some of mankind's most-gifted creatures against some of the world's fastest, hungriest and strongest animals. (It turns out that I put too much faith in humans. I just didn't think the bear liked hot dogs as much as Kobayashi.)

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