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October 10, 2007

Shmooze to celebrate homecoming a week later

Upshot of today's meeting:
Shmooze Homecoming Shabbat dinner will be next week. Read on for a detailed analysis of how the decision was made.

Preicebreaker conversation:
Michigan equestrian, Michigan polo, NCAA equestrian, NCAA polo?, summer camp, going to a small high school, history of Instituto Dr. Jaim Weizman

Icebreaker: TV you watched and loved, and then went downhill (and might still watch)
Ian: 24
Shira: 90210
Erick: Prison Break, The OC (David liked the OC until the end)
Tedi: One Tree Hill (but she and Shira have such a dedication to it)
Matt: Family Matters. It actually became better the worse it came. Any time you introduce time travel…
David: The Sarah Silverman Program should never have existed. I watched the last five minutes of the shown and then I watched Drawn Together. And I actually liked Drawn Together more.

Shabbat Dinner:
We debated whether or not to have the Shabbat dinner this week?
Pro: We scheduled this six weeks ago. We should stick with the date. It would give us a deadline to organize the “storage” room in our house that is supposed to be the dining room.
Con: It’s Fall Break. No one is going to be here. Matt can’t do this week. People have many tests this week. The room next to our kitchen is not organized.
Meh: Eh, I could with either.

And the winner is … next Friday.

Andrei Martkovitz:
Shmooze agreed to have Golden Apple Award-winning professor Andrei Markovitz speak. The initial topic was Jews in European Soccer. People in attendance didn’t think many people would attend this event. We tried to think of a broader topic that would appeal to more people.

In the meantime, the conversation shifted into whether Ralph Williams is really retiring. What else will he do with his time? If he were to spend his time writing, does he have an extra big keyboard? Shaq has an extra big bed.

While this was occurring, I was typing and thinking of ideas. Here we go: Racism in soccer.

Tomorrow, we’ll run it by him.

World-record dreidel spinning: stay tuned for details.

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