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February 02, 2008

Kugel-off results

Now, the kugel-off is an event that has been riddled with controversy over its three-year existence. Now, we could employ UN Election Observers to maintain the integrity of the competition, I have realized that the event isn't about winning (that's just something losers say). People come to the kugel-off to enjoy kugel and have their own personal journey through kugel, not to see who wins or loses.

But, if you do care about winning and losing, though, here are the results. I just want to point out that, for the second-straight year, I have won the kosher for passover division.

1. Oh, Kugel — Dina
2. Special K (ugel) — Jacobson girls
3. Back to the Basics — David and Nate
4. For Cereal.... With Melk — Tani and Adam
4. Potato Explosion — Naomi
6. Challah Kugel — Shana
7. Squgel — Shira
8. We (heart symbol) Raisins — Madeline and Lauren
9. Grandma's Kugel — Pamela
9. Choc' ful of Kugel — Shoshana and Hannah
9. We were slaves, now we're kugel — Ian
12. Holy Crapple — Yael
12. First Try — Aaron W.
12. Sasquash — Aaron P.
15. Kugel Ha-mishmishim — Ian
16. Bugs Bunny Kugel — Ian

Now, let me explain why I lost this year. When my carrot and noodle kugels came out of the over, they were perfect. I was even told my an objective housemate, "Ian, this kugel is going to win" when he scrape the remains off my bundt pan. The problem lies in the reheating of the kugels.

Using an oven and a blech, I tried to reheat the 17 kugels. In this reheating process, my kugels were left on the blech too long and developed a charcoal blackness on the bottom. Luckily, nobody had these same issues. If you want to read two more pages of why I didn't win this year, let me know because I could write a dissertation about these excuses.

Posted by irobi at February 2, 2008 09:58 PM


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