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February 02, 2008

Kugel, the food of the people.

Today's kugel-off wasn't about winning and losing. It wasn't about a voting controversy.It wasn't even about my kugels' greatness.

It was about the people. More than 100 — that is.

We had about 100 people for today's glorious kugel-off (Malka and Elimelech Kugelov are proud). I don't really know how that worked (physically, given the space constraints of our house), but it was pretty great. In fact, it doubled last year's attendance.

While Dina made the championship kugel (I believe it was of the Yerushalmi variety), there was tremendous parity across the 16-kugel field. In years past, the noodle kugel would dominate the field. Not this year. We had representatives from all members of the kugel family (noodle, potato, squash, matzah, carrot, etc.) And all performed well.

The only married woman to enter a kugel in the competition came out victorious (That means, I need to find a wife).

On a personal note, I will now reflect on my experiences in three years of organizing this kugel-cooking competition. While I walk away with just one asterisked victory in three attempts, I do so with knowledge that I have put every drop of ruach into this event and my kugels that I could. Maybe I don't have the bundt pans to show for my efforts, but I don't need the hardware to prove the effort I gave to make these events successful. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my poor performances. (Kugel, I would never quit on you.)

For the second straight year, I have taken top honors in the kosher for passover division.

I used this joke last year, but I liked it a lot. So, I will repeat it. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Kugel Stadium PA announcer said (he yelled. we don't have a PA system on Shabbat): You are part of the largest crowd participating in a kugeloff anywhere in America today.

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