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April 08, 2008

Couch... Couch...Cow.. C. O. R.... Are you going to the mall later?

At its very essence what is the Shmooze Club about (besides the whole Jewish culture thing)?

Eating and shmoozing.

That is what makes Relay for Life the perfect Shmooze event. For 24 hours, we hang out on Palmer Field, shpatzirning (Yiddish for "to go for a walk"), sitting around, munching, nibbling, shesh-beshing, kibbutzing, and shmoozing.

More importantly, we raised $3,000 to support cancer research.

I don't want to say that we had the best setup of any team on the track because it would seem as if I'm not being modest. But it's the truth.

The couch that typically resides on my porch was transplanted track-side at Palmer Field.

Each year, we have a food competition the night of Relay for Life. In year's past, we held the Erasing Stereotypes: Passover Dessert Competition and a Cheesecake competition. This year's event was "Cook anything you want as long as it is contains zucchini and is pareve or milchig." We received five entries to the event: sauteed zucchini by Ari, zucchini pizza by Chud, zucchini ratatouille by Rachel, zucchini bread by David and Nate, and zucchini hash by Ian.

For our in-Relay fundraiser, we decided to open up the Shmooze Hotdog cart Saturday night. It was awesome, and the crowd reacted well to it. We sold over 100 dogs.

For the second year in a row, the Parrotheads team ran the Relay for Life jail. You pay the Parrotheads a certain amount of money to arrest your friend. The Parrotheats arreast your friend and put them in their prison. While in jail, your friend must raise bail equal to how much money was put up to get you in jail. We put Rachel in jail, and she made a friend.

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