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April 10, 2008

Watch me be funny

Three years of sending Shmooze e-mails and I have finally achieved the ultimate goal: hosting the end-of-the-year Hillel Gala (7 p.m. for the senior dinner and 8 p.m. for everybody else).

Yeah, running the world's greatest kugel-cooking competition is awesome. And having Ralph Williams speak to us about Jews in Shakespeare was outstanding. Even raising thousands of dollars for Relay for Life was pretty good. But that was all a means to the end: hosting the gala.

I finally get my chance tomorrow. Aside from an appearance as Ching (the Chinese passenger with three lines in Anything Goes [the director told me not to sing during the chorus scenes and excused me from some of the dances]), this will be my first performance. A side note: everybody told me I stole the show.

But this will allow me to present original material, not something Cole Porter wrote in the 1930s. I've written the material (with my co-host Amira), and I plan on laughing my ass off the entire time. You should plan on doing the same. People who have heard the jokes have tried to describe them at "shmooze e-mail-esque" but they've been too busy laughing to get those words out.

On the subject of conflicts with season premiers of television shows and Frozen Four hockey games, I have a possible solution. I will DVR the game at my house. People can come back to my house after the gala to watch the game. I also learned I can record two shows at once. We could watch The Office and/or Scrubs at intermission (unless you have already made plans to watch it at 517 Elm).

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