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March 08, 2009

4th Annual Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off Recap

Shmooze Nation,

The big question today was, "what is a kugel?"

I can tell you that this debate is far from over and if anyone has any definitions that they want to submit (or stand behind) to Joan Nathan, we will discuss them at the next meeting. (TBD, but soon). Thought for food:
- Ruby and I decided that a kugel could probably be boiled down to a simple question: "Would your Bubbe approve?"
- I understand that the Chudnow family has had a long history of kugels and kugel standards, which may now be changing. David would love to enlighten you at the next Shmooze meeting.

And on that note, I would like to congratulate David Chudnow on being voted first place in the non-existent Banana Bread category. I propose that we put his title to the test at the Relay For Life Shmooze Cookoff (or Bakeoff). We will be discussing this, among other things, at our next group meeting. (Still, TBD)

4th Annual Malka & Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off results:
1. Orange You Glad it's a Potato Kugel - Yael Mendelson's interpretation of a classic
2. Apple Cobblering Kugel - Brett Siegal's groundbreaking layer kugel
3. Easy Like Sunday Morning a.k.a. The "Snuggies" of Kugel - Avery Robinson and David Chudnow's unprecedented Challah Kugel

Because some of the stickers may have fallen off during transportation, I am not exactly sure of the order for the following kugels, but does it matter? They were still mostly delicious.
• Pineapple Expression - Dena Cohen's tropical take on the classic noodle
• The Perfect Squash Kugel - David Chudnow's boldly-titled winter squash kugel
• A Really Korny Kugel - Amy Steinway's corn Kugel, and to think, it had the potential to power a car, or make Hillel's cutlery…Kugel is the preferred use
• Hadassah's Kugel - Avery Robinson's timely (Queen Esther) take on a classic Hadassah recipe
• Directive: Kugel - Laura Shefner and Madeline O'Campo's nutmeg-infused variation on a classic dairy, noodle kugel
• We're Not in Jerusalem Anymore Kugel - Avery Robinson's crack at a Yerushalmie in a rectangular pan
• This is a Kugel? - David Chudnow's banana bread

Malka and Elimelech Kugelov want to thank everyone who braved the rain to eat and and cast their vote. We value your civic ... err, cultural duty very highly here at Shmooze. I want to congratulate and thank everyone who baked a kugel.

More Shmoozing recap:
- There was a long and lengthy discussion involving Rich, Tilly, Chudnow, and a few others on the evolution of kugel and the influence of progressive society on what is commonly seen as a traditional dish: traditional v. post-modern/progressive interpretations of kugel.
- Thanks to Avi Sunshine who came all the way from Pitt just for the Kugel-off (and maybe Rich's performance in EOS) and to Shira Jacobson for driving all the way from Washington, D.C. (I hear she wanted to get a taste of the competition so she could enter next year in the alum category.)
- Andrew Dickson likes Kugel. Everyone likes Andrew Dickson.
- Props to Hillel (and its dedicated staff) for their continued commitment to "the greatest event of the year." —said by anonymous…not me, but it was said.
- Shmooze misses its alumni who are currently spread across the globe: Nepal, Singapore, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France, Israel, all over the US from Washington and California to Georgia and New York, and even Hawaii. I hear we have alums in Ann Arbor. Funny, I didn't see any today...

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