January 17, 2008

What happens when you don't come to meetings

The post-break meetings are the best meetings of the year. First, we get to do the "what did you do over break" icebreaker. Second, I get to make the joke about "when is it too late to talk about what you did over break."

Without further adieu, onto the rundown.

Icebreaker: What did you do over winter break?
Ian: Visited my younger brother in Israel, where he is spending the year
Ian: Travelled to Petra (in Jordan) and didn't get kidnapped on the way (despite the unmarked cab)
Ian: Ate blintzes at a blintzes-only restaurant in Tel Aviv
Ian: Tried to line up a summer internship as a salesman in Shuk ha-Carmel in Tel Aviv
Ian: Spent time in the Ukraine, which is weak
Guy on the subway: The Ukraine is not weak (Seinfeld reference. Disregard if you didn't understand).
Ian: Visited Haifa for the first time in my life. It is a great city. Did you know that it is illegal for an Israeli to become a Ba'hai in Israel?

It was really amazing tonight how many Ians showed up at the meeting. Or maybe I was going the split personality route?
Ian: Were you?
Ian: I don't know
Ian: Shouldn't you know?

Now, onto the meeting.

I'd like to thank myself for catering the event. I bought lox, cream cheese, and bagels. If you are not aware, I have always found the idea of cream cheese repulsive (I can hear the Shmooze mobs with pitchforks and torches approaching my house). But I couldn't remember the last time (or if) I had a cream cheese sandwich. I decided that I would change that all tonight. If you clicked on the link, you saw what happened. If you didn't, you should scroll up and click on the link. I don't think it was bad cream cheese because my housemates ate it without issue.

In other Shmooze news, we will try and schedule Shmooze meetings at a time that is more conducive to Shmooze members. Now I know. Tuesdays at 6 p.m. = bad time.

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October 10, 2007

Shmooze to celebrate homecoming a week later

Upshot of today's meeting:
Shmooze Homecoming Shabbat dinner will be next week. Read on for a detailed analysis of how the decision was made.

Preicebreaker conversation:
Michigan equestrian, Michigan polo, NCAA equestrian, NCAA polo?, summer camp, going to a small high school, history of Instituto Dr. Jaim Weizman

Icebreaker: TV you watched and loved, and then went downhill (and might still watch)
Ian: 24
Shira: 90210
Erick: Prison Break, The OC (David liked the OC until the end)
Tedi: One Tree Hill (but she and Shira have such a dedication to it)
Matt: Family Matters. It actually became better the worse it came. Any time you introduce time travel…
David: The Sarah Silverman Program should never have existed. I watched the last five minutes of the shown and then I watched Drawn Together. And I actually liked Drawn Together more.

Shabbat Dinner:
We debated whether or not to have the Shabbat dinner this week?
Pro: We scheduled this six weeks ago. We should stick with the date. It would give us a deadline to organize the “storage? room in our house that is supposed to be the dining room.
Con: It’s Fall Break. No one is going to be here. Matt can’t do this week. People have many tests this week. The room next to our kitchen is not organized.
Meh: Eh, I could with either.

And the winner is … next Friday.

Andrei Martkovitz:
Shmooze agreed to have Golden Apple Award-winning professor Andrei Markovitz speak. The initial topic was Jews in European Soccer. People in attendance didn’t think many people would attend this event. We tried to think of a broader topic that would appeal to more people.

In the meantime, the conversation shifted into whether Ralph Williams is really retiring. What else will he do with his time? If he were to spend his time writing, does he have an extra big keyboard? Shaq has an extra big bed.

While this was occurring, I was typing and thinking of ideas. Here we go: Racism in soccer.

Tomorrow, we’ll run it by him.

World-record dreidel spinning: stay tuned for details.

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September 16, 2007

Shmooze meeting 1: How did the violence ice breaker turn into camp stories?

Rachel’s suggestion: Musical chairs meeting? We’ll figure out the logistics.

Before the meeting: Ruby texted in his icebreaker response: my favorite candy is Snickers (frozen).

Icebreaker: Most violent summer, crime you’ve, or anything.

Ian: While on a camping trip, I witnessed the most intense camper-to-camper violence any tripping staff member had witnessed. The boy in the middle of the canoe turned around and started hitting the girl in the back of the canoe in the head with his paddle. It was pretty intense.

Yael: I was a counselor this summer for sixth grade girls. The boys stole our candy (which if you’re allowed to have food in the cabin, is a camp that I would like to go to) and put it in boats in the middle of the lake. When the girls got the candy back, the boys started attacking the girls (apparently, the rules of shomer negia don’t apply to intergender fighting). The boys started taking the food back, and the girls started hitting them. Apparently, someone was put in a headlock.

Ari: I saw someone get hit by a car, but I’m not going to tell about that. I was on a motorcycle in Vietnam this summer. I was getting of the bike and put my leg on the muffler and it curdled my skin (I question Ari’s choice of verb, but I’ll let his words stand on their own).

Shoshana: I can’t think of anything.

Sam: This summer, I took out a trip to Alaska. We were playing four-square at a rest area, and I went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw an early 90’s/late-80s car yoink our sidewalk chalk (the arm came from the passenger-side window). We couldn’t play anymore four-square.

Lizzy: I didn’t witness this one. When I was at Bonnaroo two years ago, someone got run over by Ricky Skaggs and the Kentucky Thunder’s tour bus. (Lizzy’s a big fan, and I’ve never heard of them)

Rachel: A bag of chips got decimated by a box tool (I went to Family Defense Products to get thsi picture).

Dina: I was a lifeguard two summers ago, and a little boy started drowning. I saved him. (I think he owes you a lifetime of servitude.)

Ryan: Somehow I was at some hick county fair in the backcountry of Massachusetts, and they had an ox pull. It was just cruel watching it.

Hannah: On my camping trip, some guys pulled up to our campsite, harassed us, and started quoting Chucky movies. I was with a bunch of 13-year old girls. One of our staff members threatened them with a knife, and, depending on who you listen to, the kids left immediately or in an hour.

Jamie: We’ll come back. (Actually, we won’t. But she promised to come to another Shmooze meeting and introduce herself)

Andrew: I was a counselor this summer and another one of the counselors had a water-balloon launcher. Our kids had always wanted to play with it. So, we thought “Why don’t we launch balloons at them?? Most of the time, the balloons wouldn’t hit the kid (key word: most). One time, a kid’s chest got in the way of balloon hitting the ground. It was three days before the end of camp, and we had to explain to his parents why he a giant bruise over his heart.

Shoshana: I was on a camping trip with Avery and Zak Weinstein. (They’re not brothers. They don’t even have the same last name. That’s just how she said it.) And a camper shat her pants. She got out of the tent and yelled that she needed toilet paper. The counselor said you don’t need the toilet paper because girl just went to the shitbox (box near campsite where you shit). The camper responded that it was too late — she had already gone. Avery and Zak started celebrating. In the morning, we realized that she got out of the tent and went again in the middle of the night (not in her pants, but next to and on the tent).

Andrew: Two summers ago, another camper in my age group. (Digression, actually a regression) We have a climbing apparatus. There is space for two at the top. The kid at the top decided it would be a great time to pee in his pants and have it trickle down the climbing wall.

Shmorze Fest 5758: The Shmooze Club’s annual escape back to summer camp will be next Thursday as Shmorze Fest will return for its second year. It will occur at 517 Elm. (More specific details to follow later.)

After revolutionizing the bonfire world with the invention of the Shmore (replace Hershey’s with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup [We’ve check the records, and it never happened before.].) last year, the Shmooze Club will attempt to have a similarly groundbreaking event this year. Things that will happen:

Matt walks in and grabs Sam with the intent to scare.Shabbat dinner: The first Shmooze Shabbat dinner of the year will be hosted by 1145 S. Forest. It will be October 12. Expect more details to come later. Also expect to leave satisfied.Hot dog cart: There have been a lot of rumors going around about the hot dog cart. Let me address some off them:

The hot dog cart is already open, but it’s on North Campus: I can neither confirm nor deny this, because I don’t know where North Campus is and have never been there. If the cart is open on North Campus, I wouldn’t know about it. (How much longer can I make the I’ve-never-been-to-North-Campus or North-Campus-is-in-BFE jokes? Perpetuity.)

The hot dog cart will be LEEDS-certified:

Isn’t Leeds a city in England? How would they certify a hot dog cart?

The hot dog cart is just a rumor spread by Ian to promote the Shmooze Club:

That would be a brilliant idea, wouldn’t it? There actually is a hot dog cart, and we have a non-Photoshopped photo of Ian working it. Or at least you think it’s not Photoshopped.

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April 07, 2007

Readying to Relay

We had a meeting on Thursday night, and I've been busy since. So, here we go with the meeting recap.

Relay for Life is next Saturday morning to Sunday morning. It is the best event of the year. Get hyped.

We will have a meeting on Wednesday night to make the final prep.

Main points

We need to step up our fundraising efforts. It is so easy to e-mail people. Just look at the team website. The link is on the left side.

Continue fundraising efforts.

We need to think about activities and things to bring to the tent.

Enter the cheesecake competition

Does anybody want to create something that we can carry? (a baton, if you will)

To the meeting notes.

Icebreaker: Post-Passover meal plan:

Erick: I don’t have to think about it. Beer. The Jug, probably. (He frequents the Jug and went to Dominick’s on St. Patrick’s Day.)

Erick’s 21st birthday was the ultimate 21st birthday party. Avie complained that she couldn’t stand it.

Pause while Erick friends Tedi

Avie: When Passover ends I am definitely going to have a Potbelly’s vegetarian sandwich.

Erick doesn’t like what they have done to Rolling Rock. It’s become too commercial.

Shira hates the pizza thing at Potbelly’s.

Shira: I usually never really break it. It just happens. It is never an event. I don’t really know or care.

Fallon: I’m looking forward to buddy’s pizza with pasta and yummy rolls but Tomatoes in better. Buddy’s is the best square. Tomatoes is the best rouned. Sandra works at Amici’s. She’s in Argentina.

Ruby: If I were going to be home, I would break with Buddy’s (a Robinson tradition). I will be flying home. Erick thinks he should get Rolling Rock on the plane.

Lizzy: A big fat bagel with a ton of cream cheese and lox.

Ari: Zingerman’s. Oh wait. Yeah, Zingerman’s.

Tedi: I usually break with pizza but this year I will be going to Mongolian

Deb: I’d have to say three different types of pizzas. NYPD, In and Out, and Backroom.

Ian: I will probably eat Za’s. Not by choice but because my group will be there.

Mike: I’m going to have chocolate pizza topped with cookies and brownies.

Relay for Life discussion

Deb is trying to call for order. She’s complaining that people won’t stop talking.

Relay for Life is a week from Saturday and starts at 10 a.m. We have to be there and do stuff and have fun.

Ruby won’t be there.

Frayda is the other captain.

Frayda and Deb met a few days ago to think of team activities to make it fun and a good atmosphere to make people want to come.

Lizzy said that if a little girl has a graduation paty at the Relay for Life tent and someone kicks a soccer ball into you cake and you tell them not to say sorry and that person says don’t worry I won’t.

Shmooze has a tent (we won a raffle for one of 15) and a poster that we need to decorate. We need to make our team name big enough for everyone to see. (note: we made the team poster after the meeting)

They were talking about bringing games, couch, hoola hoops, food, Shabbat potluck lunch. Could we bring something to sell to raise money?

Cheesecake competition will occur at 10:00. Last year, we scheduled it in the middle of the vigil. Poor timing.

The problem with cheesecake is the cracks but they are not hard to make. I’m confident that we can get 10. It will be at 10 or 10:30.

Frayda and Deb were going to have cheesecake competition extended to everyone in Relay for Life. They could buy raffle tickets and the raffle winner will win a cheesecake. We have a better solution to raise money.

Whether or not you’re on the Shmooze list a $1 donation to judge.

Last year, there was a team that carried around a brown plane. Erick’s in charge of making the boat (EXODUS). Ari said he would assist. Erick said the boat is sunk and won’t make it to Israel. We need a new idea or a new shipbuilding.

We need to step up fundraising. You need to send out e-mails. Then those people will send those out to people. If your parents work for a large organization, the company will match the donation.

Things to think about: table or card table. We could easily borrow it from Hillel. We could

We should barbecue this year. We can barbecue and make pita. If it’s cold we need blankets and sleeping bags. We need a lantern and bug spray. We could see Shmooze Hot Dog Carts and donate to Relay for Life.

Frayda signed us up for 3-on-3 basketball and root beer pong.

They are opening Couzens cafeteria and Palmer Commons for studying because it’s just before finals. We need to figure out ideas for fundraising.

Instruments, guitar, drums, harmonica, football, soccer balls, Frisbees, basketballs, board games, devil sticks, play station, ribbon dancing, ipod speakers, hoola hoop competition,

3-on-3 basketball is at 1:30 and root beer pong is at 3:00. They stressed that you bring cash for groups’ other fundraiser.

Sign up for walking spots through e-mail before Wednesday meeting. Figure out the details.

Until then, brainstorm and e-mail ideas of activities and fundraisers.

Luminaria bags. We got 10. They will hand them out on the day of the event. You can decorate these bags in honor of someone who survived cancer or couldn’t. Please decocarte.We’ll do that now.

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January 11, 2007

We have weathered every wreck

Campus Conversation Question:

We have all been having the same conversation for the last week-plus, but we all want to know when is it going to end. When is the latest that I can say how was your break?

According to our campus culture sage, Ari, you can’t say it after MLK day because people would get confused between what break you are referring to (when you see Ari after the weekend, ask him what he did on break)


Going by that logic, while we still can: Story from break and if you can’t think of a story, we will let Shira talk about a story from her trip to Israel. Other possible introductions include your favorite/least favorite car (following the auto show theme) or favorite/least favorite 24 character (with the premiere event next week).

Shira: My 20-year old friend got married. While we are in a Shmooze meeting, she is finishing sheva brakhot. The wedding continues for a whole week after. Deb says that in Inda, the groom’s best friend has to sleep next to the groom’s best friend the night before the wedding with a knife to protect him. Shira says that there is a similar tradition with Jewish women from the mikveh to the wedding.

Ari wonders why Indian men cover their head. He went on a textual tradition vs. non-textual tradition tangent. According to Shira, Ari didn’t know what he was talking about. But Ari said he knows what he was talking about. In conclusion, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. Ari: I participated in Gerald Ford’s funeral. I got a letter from the Boy Scout Council and a phone call. They asked if I would participate in the ceremony. (Ari wore his uniform. He spent all night on Monday sewing on patches to stitch to a new uniform. He was interviewed on the news and realized that he was incoherent.)

Deb: My least favorite car is the convertible PT cruiser. They are silly, but cute, but silly. My roommates came home with me to Chicago. They all got to meet my dog, Lola.

Ian: While in a grocery store in Crown Heights, I was interviewed by Chabad Internet News for my opinions on the situation in Gaza and how my Hanukkah was. Another story: Ian and Ruby went to a Hanukah-themed Leevees concert, and they had dreidel and gelt lying around the club (we taught a few people how to play).

Rachel: I like/liked Tony Almeida (she doesn’t know that he died last year, she’s a watch when the DVDs come out type watcher)

Erick: I had a great new year’s party. It was great, and I only remembered the countdown. My favorite car is a Range Rover because it is the best SUV ever (and you need an SUV to travel on Costa Rican roads).


Rachel: I have never smoked a cigarette (reaches for Rodrigo’s cigarette on the table). She plays with it and looks at it for a few minutes. She questions the smoking habits of other people in the room and then puts it down.

Backgammon Tournament:

Ari is complaining about Hebrew, and we get on a long tangent. Ian sits in the corner hoping that the meeting gets back on track. But now, we are talking about how the Siegel family celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday.

On the subject of the dip competition that will accompany the event:

Relay for Life Update

Captain Deb:O Captain, my Captain, our fearful trip is done; The Ship has weathered every wreck (Deb was feeling a little Whitman-y). We need to register for Relay for Life, this weekend. I need to have everyone participate. I need everyone to hope that the weather will be better this year

Cheesecake competition with Kiddush-sized cakes

Deb will send an e-mail to Joel this week

Jews on the Big and Silver Screens

People aren’t that excited about it, yet. Ian will talk to Rabbi Nathan tomorrow.

Kugel off

It is on March 10, start practicing.

We’re sponsoring Shabbat dinner the night before

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January 04, 2007

Pita: Pocket Bread, Tahini: Flavor Sauce

Before I get to the rundown, I want to thank our hostess in Apt. 11. We were supposed to meet in Apt. 4 but an unexpected delay at Meijer forced us to make a quick change. I also want to thank Ari for assisting with the catering.

Icebreaker: Best meal of the break

Ian: Cholent at a restaurant and home-cooked Shabbat dinner.

Tedi makes a grand entrance.

Ari: (He was going to go but he’ll pass for now.)

Avie: I was in Jamaica and I ate rice and peas (kidney beans specifically).

Emily (first meeting): I was in the Republica Dominicana, my most memorable meal was ordering room service (it came two-and-a-half hours late), coffee and sweet rolls, which I ate in bed while watching Oceans Twelve.

David: I’m an alum. My break has been long already, not to rub it in. My best food was at my Italian grandmother’s house, where she keeps feeding you and feeding you and feeding you. She made pizza from scratch one day.

Adam: I’m Adam, an alum. I’ve taken an affinity to kebobs with hummus. They are good hot or cold. The hummus doesn’t come on the kebab, you buy them at Market Square or Papa Joe’s. I really like Sabra extremely spicy.

What have David and Adam done since graduating?

David: grad school in Colorado studying journalism. I have also had trouble getting out of Denver. I had to drive from Denver to Vail to catch a flight the next day. David is leaving to go back on the 10th. Ari is also leaving then. But Ari is traveling direct to Denver. David is stopping in MSP and flying to EGE (Eagle County). So they aren’t even ending at the same destination except the same state.(We got sidetracked with the Ari-David flying conversation and forgot to find out what Adam is doing)

Frayda wondered if I (Ian typing) was like the person in the courtroom who recorders. Ian said oh a stenographer. Then thought that the stenographer was the sketch artist. David corrected him and said that person is called a sketch artist.

Ari: My family’s Christmas Eve tradition is to eat lobster. Frayda made a joke about whether that is a biblical tradition. Ari said that nobody in his family eats lobster. After losing three real front teeth biting into the lobster, it’s safe to say his grandfather will be using other teeth next time.

Limor: I went to London and Paris. In London I went to a sushi place with a conveyor belt and robot. You sit on the bar and grab your food on the belt. You take whatever you want to eat. By measuring the color of your bowl, they add up how much you eat.

Ian is struggling with Microsoft grammar check. (Stupid inflective language)

Tedi: I went to Mexico where we ate a lot of bad food. When I came home, we ate at Andiamo’s, which is my favorite restaurant, and had a really good meal.

Amira: I enjoyed my last Friday Shabbat meal. My family, friends, and family friends were there.

Frayda: I’m kind of indecisive (claims that she will settle on two or three meals) We’ll start with at the beginning fo the vacation with my whole family (parents and their siblings) at Niagra Falls with all the moms making different types of food. I even contributed by setting the table. I didn’t help cook, that was the moms’ job.

Williams recap

Relay for Life Update

We need to register.

Other than that, we talked about what type of food competition we could hold after last year’s Erasing Stereotype’s success.

Because the event will be after Pesach, we figured that most people will be sick of Passover foods, whether or not they are delicious. But the event is well before Shavuot, people thought that we could get people in the mood with a cheesecake competition.

From David, who won last year’s RFL event with a cheesecake:: Cheesecake is a canvas … (I edited the cheesecake wikipedia entry to include this one)

What do we do if people don’t like cheesecake or are lactose intolerant? We don’t know yet.

We did think that people could get sick of cheesecake after so much but we offered a solution: Kiddush sized pieces.

Backgammon tournament coupled with a dip competition

It will be on a Saturday afternoon January 27th.

Dip defined as anything that can be receive by a pita and consumed.

Avie just found out that Frayda lives in her building. She is hosting a party tomorrow night. If you are reading this, you are invited.


The date for the second annual Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off is set as March 10. Start scheming, experimenting, and paying off the judges.

With four food competitions in four months, I have decided to name the circuit the Ann Arbor Jewish Food Competition Circuit (A2JF2C)

Erick enters. He thinks the internet is fucking crazy.

Erick: I had a huge steak for my mom’s birthday, that was yesterday. I had a rib eye. It was great.

Movie night and discussion with Rabbi Nathan

We’ll attend and publicize. Ian will use Handbreak. Limor’s uncle, Asher Tlalim, is kind of a big deal in the Israeli film industry.

When can we have another Shabbat dinner?

We’ll have it on February 2.

Anonymous: Ruby got me into the Rolling Rock shit, and I can’t stop drinking it

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November 16, 2006

Good evening and a rich welcome to you

Best game: (yeah, it's an open prompt)
Erick: 1986 Argentina-England World Cup Final. Argentina scored a goal that wasn’t a goal.
Shira had never heard of hit. It’s called the Hand of God goal. It’s the biggest rivalry ever.
Rachel: Rock, Paper, Anything. Instead of scissors, you say anything you want. Whoever can say better why there thing should win, wins the game.
Erick laments over how his official World Cup keychain broke
Avie: I like the game “would you rather?? You have to choose what you would rather do between two options.
Ian: “I Win? or catch because in both games everybody’s a winner
Shira:: Jewish Geography
Avie doesn’t know what it is. Rachel explains that when you meet someone new, it’s how many people you know that they know that is Jewish.
Shira also likes “Do you remember when?? – the nostalgic game
Rachel went to give blood for the second time in her life, and they turned her away because she didn’t weigh enough. Even though she had already talked to her doctor about it.

Shira is going to take Williams’ bible literature class.

Ralph Williams Speaking for Shmooze, officially:
On the subject of Williams, he will be speaking at the next Shmooze event after Shabbat dinner at Hillel on Friday Dec. 8.
We went through Rachel’s schedule. Shira declares that next semester’s course guide sucks. It is horrible, nothing exciting. Avie declares that she is going to be a General Studies major, this is before she has officially declared anything.

On the subject of Willaims, Shira brought up the Patrick Stewart moment at the Sonnet Slam. After Alex Gorash gave a hip-hop rendition of a sonnet to start off the event, Stewart told Gorash that he removed all meaning from the words. It broke out into a philosophical debate about the merits of hip-hop. The tension was so intense.

How to publicize the event: E-mail lists, flyers, word of mouth (everybody needs to do it) It will be huge.

Hannukah Party
We want to do a food competition
Ian thought we should do a Iron Chef-style with one ingredient given and the chefs can do anything they want with it.
Erick thinks we should have a Mr. Potato Head party
Think of a food that we could do.
We settled on the date: Thursday December 14

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November 01, 2006

Tommy: Is this your first time?

Paul: Yeah, Tommy. It is.

Tommy: Dude, I can't believe you have never been cow tipping before.


As always, we started the meeting off with an icebreaker. And, since it was Halloween, we decided to go with an open-ended Halloween-themed icebreaker. Answer any of the following questions: What is you favorite Halloween memory growing up? What is the best costume you have ever had? What is the best costume you have ever seen?

Ian: Between the ages of 6-16, I went to my friend's house every year and trick-or-treated in his neighborhood. His mom was very into the holiday and the Halloween decorations were all all over the house. I was Tommy Amaker this weekend.

Erick said he saw a couple of people dress up as Jim Tressel.

Ari and Shira are discussing Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, but Ari was focusing on the show’s content while Shira critiques Regis' appearance.

Noah: My house was always the hang out house because my mom gave out the regualar-sized candy bar. (He lives in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating). My best costumes ever: In second grade, I was Billy Joel; In Seventh grade, I was Wilson from Home Improvement (with a fence to cover his face).

Mike: My best costume was when I was a senior in high school. I was Catwoman with mini-skirt, boobs, and everything. It was so good that one of my best friends started hitting on me in shul because he couldn't tell it was me.

Erick: I was Santa Claus this weekend, but it wasn’t original. I saw two guys dressed in orange and they said they were orange juice. Halloween is a crazy party in Costa Rica.

Laurie: I’ve seen so many costumes this weekend (four parties). SNRE kids are very creative. A girl dressed up as Caesar with orange slices (Orange Julius). I was a girl from Austin Powers.

Fallon: My favorite costume ever was Quailman.(Shira was Doug at one point in her life)

General conversation: Everybody liked Mr. Dink (by everybody I mean Mike and Noah).

(Break to distribute candy)In the spirit of the holiday, I bough a few big bags of candy from Meijer, gave everybody a plastic bag, and had a little trick-or-treating within the Shmooze meeting,. Ari also unseeded a Pomagranate.

Back to the action: Noah threw a Take 5 to Shira, but she couldn’t make the one-handed grap.

Tedi: I was never a big fan of Halloween. I was bear every year, because my name’s Tedi. I think part of the costume was store bought and part was homemade.

Ari: Halloween is my favorite holiday, although I was the same thing every year since I was four (a slice of pumpkin pie). When I was 12, my costume had to be upgraded (I retired it last year). One year, my sister was an entire graveyard with tombstones. The best part of the day is when you come back with a pillowcase full of candy and trade with your friends.

Shira: This is my first Halloween (and Shmooze is glad to say that they were there for Shira's first Halloween).

Noah and Mike agree that the Take 5 is the best candy bar. They set aside five Take 5 bars, two for themselves and one for Ian.

Noah: I want to nominate the Monster Mash as the best holiday song (It's a graveyard smash).

Transitioning between icebreakers and the first topic of the meeting

Erick: UHS sucks.

Ari: I didn’t carve a pumpkin this year (Frayda can’t be introduced, she is talking to Ari)

Frayda: Best costume ever: As a little orthodox girl, I never trick-or-treated. I was a rebel in 10th grade. I dressed up as Santa Claus.

Erick: Good choice to rebel.

Frayda: I would say Merry Christmas. One house asked me to sing Christmas carols. I didn’t know any (stage fright).

Ari: I love Christmas carols. They should be all year round radio.

Noah thinks that Dec 20- Jan 3 is the only tiem that Christmas carols should be on the radio.

Erick: It starts with Thanksgiving

Shmooze Classics Film Series

It starts on Thursday night with the screening of The Frisco Kid at Hillel at 8 p.m. in Green Auditorium. Traditional movie food will be served (ie. mutliple types of popcorn, JuJubes, Junior Mints, Goobers, Raisinets, Sour-Patcdh Kids, etc.) Please come and tell you friends to come. This idea has been around since the groups inception.

Ari proposes putting butter on the Milkduds, a la Homer.

Shabbat Dinner

517 Elm at 7:30.

Shira: I can’t get over how good that shirt looks on Ian (commenting about his cowboy/lumberjack shirt that he bought in Jackson Hole because he needed something to wear to the Big Ten Women's Basksetball Tournament).

Ian: We need to figure out what to eat.

After a few minutes of debate, we decide on this rough outline for the menu: Chicken dish, huge salad, yellow rice, green beans in soy sauce, kugel, fruit salad, bobka?, manishevitz (both varieties [we will be checking IDs]).

Noah wants a whole bird. Shira thinks that an assortment of legs and breasts will work better.

Ivri Lider Concert

Tickets almost out tickets. Shmooze is in charge of publicity (or at least co- in charge of it). Buy tickets and tell your friends to do the same. It is on Sunday at 7:30 at the Blind Pig. A Capella group Amazin' Blue will open for Ivri.

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September 13, 2006

Sam Yashinsky made the Michigan Baseball Team and Other Important Information

He is my hero. (Ian)

As always, tonight’s Shmooze meeting was catered. We had cinnamon babka cake and pomegranate seeds. Ari separated the seeds from the fruit. As our resident rimon (pomegranate in Hebrew, but I wanted the alliteration) expert, Ari said that today's fruits are good for early in the season but will not work in a few weeks.

Icebreaker Introduction: With the pennant race in full swing, Ian decided on a “basebally? icebreaker to open up the meeting.

“What would be your at-bat music??

"Talk amongst yourselves portion" while Ian organizes his notes to move on the the meat and potatoes of the meeting

Hillel Open House and Festifall recap

(Ian tries to segue to the next topic)

Jews in Shakespeare, or how we are going to get Ralph Williams to speak at a Shmooze event:

We are progressing on Williams. We want to have it in the first week of December. It depends on his schedule. Reuben has him as his GSI, which is technically not possible, for Williams cannot be a GSI.

Headbands: I continued the search for a suitable headband dealer. We thought that we found one, but apparently we were wrong. The Shmooze crowd was not really into the idea of white headbands, despite the great price that Ian found. Dina saved the idea of Shvitz headbands by saying she knows someone in the headband industry who might be able to get us yellow handbands with blue writing. Consensus?

(Side conversation that became main conversation)

Two new people entered and had to introduce themselves

Ian brought up the hot dog cart. He will have a meeting in the next week or so


The Yentaz are off to a great start, which is special to see. The guys are not off to such a great start. Ian is pretty pissed off at his gender. He promises that his side will have a stronger performance tomorrow.

Backgammon tournament and regional dip: Ian met with someone from another cultural group today. He wants to do it at the beginning of the next semester. If someone wants to step up and take charge of this event and earn the title “inter-cultural coordinator,? let Ian know immediately.

Reuben wants to know if Sallah Shabati is available to compete. He doesn’t want Sallah’s friend, Goldshtein, to compete (He wouldn’t represent Shmooze very well).

(New person to introduce)

Shmooze sponsoring a Shabbat dinner at Hillel? We are going to cook a Shmooze Shabbat dinner instead.

We need to re-register with MSA

Publications: Ian remembers last year’s board room was littered with copies of the Detroit Jewish News, Wasthenaw County Jewish News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other, necessary publications. We need to have more reading material at meetings. Shmooze is hoping to get a mailbox in the Union and a subscription to the (English) Forward. Heeb magazine, fall issue, should be out in a few weeks.

Shmooze wants to bring in a band for a concert. Shira said she’ll look into a hip, Jewish cultural band. On the subject, Ian wants people to look into the Jewish cultural music festival Oy!hoo that takes place this week in New York.

Shmooze Classics: The first Monday of every month will be Shmooze Classics night at Hillel. The first movie that we will screen is the Frisco Kid. Tori offered Zelig, a Woody Allen movie, as a possible second one. The crowd wanted the Hebrew Hammer but some questioned its status as a “classic.?

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September 03, 2006

And we're back.

This year, Shmooze hit the ground running at its first meeting in the friendly, internet-connected confines of 543 Church.
As always, we started the meeting with an icebreaker. Ian has been thinking of this icebreaker for the last three weeks: If there was to be a sandwich named after you, what would be in it?

From this, the conversation shifted to the Detroit-area challah, kikhel, and kiddush scene. Amira says that Zeman's Bakery has really stepped up with their braided challah

Official-ish Shmooze Business Section

1. Hot dog cart-The hot dog cart will hopefully be open in a few weeks in front of Hill Auditorium. We have the permits to be open, we just need to get a few more details ironed out before we open up. We need people to staff. If you have any interest in working it, let me know.

2. Festifall-Shmooze has a booth and needs people to staff it. We will be there shmoozing, distributing cookies and kikhel, and adding names to the e-mail. If you can staff, let me know.

3. Schemes-People have been scheming (Look at this word. That is why we spell "shmooze" like we do) all summer and this was the forum to present them.

The time for the next meeting will be announced soon. We need people to step up, much like Zeman's did with their braided challah and take some responsibility in Shmooze.

Anyone who will be free for ten minutes or more on Thursday, should (read: must) e-mail or call Ian with a time that s/he can stop by the Shmooze booth on the Diag. Ian does not want to hear about you joining the Squirrels, Solar Car, or Swashbuckling clubs if you do not stop by the Hot Dog Cart. He really needs people between 10 AM and 1 PM. Unless you're working on the North Campus affiliate, Shmooze Tsafon, he expects to see you passing out Kiddush cookies.

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April 26, 2006

Shmooze-sponsored, Bubbe-approved?

Good meeting. Kind of a weak turnout, though we did make a quorum (and thanks to those who helped minyanize the meeting). Ian brought in some delicious rugelach and perfectly ripe strawberries. Oh, and don't forget the box of leftover, crumby matzo sticks. A few highlights, apart from the food:

To continue reading the sometimes funny, usually odd, and always amusing minutes, just click the link below. We have the best list of the pesach gripes collected on Church Street, ever.

Thanks for choosing to continue, bubbela.

We thought about doing the most mediocre thing about passover, but because we love to gripe, today's ice breaker is "The Worst Thing About Passover is:"

[Editor's note: Keep in mind that all Passover gripes dealt with food, except Sandra's Yontof complaint. Odd? Or on point? PS. I've never used the phrase "on point" before, but I like it.]

Huge discussino develops over chicken soup. Beginning with David's point: "It’s not really chicken soup and it has finger nails in it." Shira says it's never a good idea to have chicken soup at a restaurant. Adam disagrees, "Steve's Deli has great chicken soup." Shira boasts: Once you eat my mom's chicken soup, you can never go back.? Eli tries to ameliorate these concerns with sports analogy about Baseball and Football in October.

After forty minutes of introducing ourselves, we begin...

Recap of Relay: We achieved our goal. Should we do the hour-by-hour recap, ala 24? No. Ways to improve for next year

  1. Decorate our area.
  2. Attract more people.
  3. Leaflets/pamphlets, anytime.
  4. Shmooze mascot ala the "Brown Squadron". Shmooze submarine?
  5. Grill, if possible.
  6. Hot Dog Cart as the baton with regenerative breaking? [FDR joke interlude. It's okay because it's been at least 14.3 years...]
  7. Only one tent is necessary. Maybe just a canopy/chuppah

Shmooze publicity See article, here.

Shirts. Here are some of the ideas:

  1. Shmooze approved with stamp and block M. Implies pride to be part of the university.
  2. Brody’s store idea. It has nothing to do with anything. "We're going to have a whole [Shmooze-specific] clothing line," Ian.
  3. Kosher symbols venn diagram. Or just OU symbol somewhere.
  4. "Ehh… we shmooze" idea. With block M.
  5. Whatcha know... is a bad idea. ERASED.
  6. Shmooze with pais. Happened at the Jewish Academy, can't be done, again.
  7. Just a picture of someone’s grandma. Maybe Bubbe? We hope to have "Shmooze" written somewhere. Could become the universal shmooze symbol. Not seven-layer cake. Not a gecko. Not holiday lights. Not a stapler. Not OU. Ian with thumbs up is a good idea.
  8. Shmooze in Yiddish.
Jon London can draw things. Sandra is applying to the art school. She volunteered to draw a bubbe. We'll draw some sketches and vote between "shmooze approved" and a variation on the bubbe idea. Tell Elektra. She can draw too.

"Do it" argument goes back and forth between Ruby and Ian. Like Starsky and Hutch.

New House?

The Heisler/Berman Mansion @ Ann & Division. It hasa porch and a lawn.

Festifall. Sept. 7, 2006. We need to get some ideas. In school time, it's two weeks from today. How about a gimmick. Adopt-a-bubbe? Shmooze adopts a bubbe. [Laughter ensues] Something shmoozerific. Bazooka Joe, in Hebrew? Bagels and cream cheese? Shmooze pins? Great idea. People love pins. “Pins is [sic] the new black.“ Shmooze yarmulke? Sexist, religious? Pamphlet? No go. Bagel holes? Sandra’s great idea! Fruits chews? We can bring in a local shul's candy guy to pass out the Sunkist fruit chews. Toss, clap, and mazel tov? Kiddush cups, too?. We should get a posterboard. Definitely a Tri-Fold. E-mail sign up for the blog. [Eli stands up to leave, pauses, and listens to Ian]

Ian has an idea for programming: "Prolonging Stereotypes:" Jews in Entertainment Series. We would screen TV/Film adaptations of Judaism, ie. bar mitzvahs. We would need a facilitator (sp?) [Eli leaves] Bergman?!

[Copi, the landlord, used David’s handtowel to clean the sink and the plunger. David is fuming. Will throw away his handtowel.] “If you schedule it, people will come.? New motto for events.

Shmooze Film Series? First Thursday, every month.

Yiddish Word of the Week Next year, either in the e-mails or on the blog, a new word. Discussion about discrimination of Ladino. No one to speak up for Ladino speakers. We'll consider it, though. Sandra: Why does Zach Weisman live here, and not Zach Weiss? Answer: Well, they’re different people.

Funding application due May 1.

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April 06, 2006

Free Dr. Brown's Soda!

Productive meeting. Great turnout. Delicious cake, baked by Hillel Gala speaker extraordinaire, Daphna. Here are some highlights from the meeting. For the full schedule of walking times, please see the extended post link.

  1. Relay for Life: From 10 AM on Saturday, April 8 through 10 AM on Sunday, April 9, the Shmooze Club/Society will be participating in this year’s relay on Palmer Field. All are welcomed and encouraged to stop by the field to shmooze with us, walk a few laps, nosh, play some games, donate, or listen/watch the several student groups performing. Full details, as far as the official schedule of events, are below.
  2. ?Erasing Stereotypes? Passover Dessert Shindig: The Passover dessert, since we left Egypt, has been plagued. One can only eat so much chocolate-covered matzo or jellied fruit slices. Thus, along the lines of the Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off, we have decided to hold a competition for Passover desserts to be held @ 10:30 PM on Saturday, April 8 at the Shmooze tent site on Palmer Field during Relay for Life. All are welcome to attend and judge. Dessert entries will be taken until the actual event, though if you know ahead of time, please e-mail Ian (irobi@) and he’ll give you some information regarding preparation and/or drop off times. More details available below. Oh, and did I mention Dr. Brown's Kosher for Passover soda as a palate cleanser?
  3. Kol Hakavod: Michigan’s premier Jewish a capella group will be performing their final concert of the year this Saturday, April 8, @ Hillel. This concert marks the 13th year since the group began, thus, a b’nai mitzvah celebration for the performers. Tickets are $5 at the door. Candle lighting and slideshow will begin @ 9 PM.

Always engaging Ice Breaker Activity, as decided upon by Vice Presidente Erick. “The World Cup is starting in under one month. Tell me the team that will win and why.?

New Ice Breaker Activity, proposed by Ian. What events, on the half sheet that you’ve received, are you most excited for, OR, what do you propose adding?

Adam Soclof has the floor. He has one announcement and two questions:

  1. This weekend is the annual O-minyan Lunch-Away. If you haven’t RSVPed, contact apotek@umich.edu soon.
  1. I've heard rumors of a Kosher Hot Dog Cart on campus. Is this true? And is Shmooze involved? I used to drive, out of my way, to North University during high school to have kosher hot dogs. Will it be a reality, yet again?
    • Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous incarnation, the Hillel Hot Dog cart will be back in action soon. This past week, Ian and Daphna spent several hours prepping the cart for inspection by the County Health Department. Shira showed up later. Soon, permits will be requested and obtained to make this fleishig dream a reality once again. [Editor's note: We've heard suggestions that Shmooze ought to sell fruit from the cart as well, both to placate the veggie kids and also because there is no good fresh fruit option on campus, unless you steal it from the dorms.] If you want to work on this project, contact Ian.
  2. I forgot...

Relay for Life
Ruby takes the floor and shares with the Shmoozers as much relevant information about the event as possible. He has a lot of information. "Let’s look at the schedule and I’ll highlight a few things with you:"

"Guys, can I get some attention?" said Ian. I need to know who will be entering the Dessert Shindig. Respondants include: David, Elan, Sandra, Aaron, Rachel/Shira, Ruby/Ian x3, Daphna, Adam M., Adam S. ??? ("Our house is pretty lazy"). Erick will not be frying platanos. Weiss might enter even though he wasn't present at the meeting. If you want to include kitniyot, just make sure that your dessert is labeled sephardic.

Ideas for Shmooze Team uniform for the Relay:Nothing resolved except "Stamp of Approval."
No meeting next week!

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March 22, 2006

No more macaroons (unless that's your thing...)

Great meeting tonight. We had a quorum. The spread this evening: delicious mandelbrot and fresh, homemade mango salsa and chips. Highlights from the meeting. Everything else, as you know, is in the notes below.

  1. M Shvitz—New, old time. 7:30 on Thursday. Be there.
  2. Relay for Life—We really need to begin our fundraising efforts. I say this every week, but we are now less than three weeks out. Use the e-mail feature on the website. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please shoot me an e-mail (rubyr@) ASAP. Also, eat at California Pizza Kitchen tomorrow and 30% of your meal proceeds go toward our team. So easy, and tasty.
  3. Hillel Hot Dog Cart—We are working on getting all the necessary licenses to put it in operation. The plan is to have everything in place so, come Welcome Week, we can "hit the ground running."
  4. "Erasing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Competition—Along the same lines at the kugel-off, we intend to get rid of the negative stereotype surrounding passover-friendly desserts. We're moving beyond macaroons. More details to come. Mark April 8, 2006 as the tentative date on your calendars. This way, you can sample desserts during Passover spring training and put them in the lineup for the regular season, the following week.

Before the Meeting Notes:

Biggest gripes about Facebook
Iron Blech Recap = Ian Ranting about the Iron Blech
(The harangue is in no particular order)
Hot Dog Update

Ian met with Diane Redmond, Hillel liaison for Hot Dog Affairs, among other titles. He dropped the word “feasibility? in his speech. Here are the step we need to take to get our kosher dogs on campus.

  1. Go to the County Health License. Shouldn’t be tough because Hillel already has a license for the kitchen.
  2. Every one who is involved must go through “Food Safety Training.? Must be able to handle health and mashgiach officials. Should take 20 minutes.
  3. City of Ann Arbor for a vendor’s license.
  4. If we want to sell on U property, must get a license there too.
  5. Requires about an hour of prep time to load up with dogs, buns, relish, mustard, onions, ketchup, napkins, foil, water, pop, and chips.
  6. Must keep track of inventory.
  7. License last for one year.

David is coming back for a fifth year to run the cart. Ruby shakes his head. Ian says, “whatever.?
Rachel thought that Welcome Week would be a great opportunity to start the cart up. Jon concurs. A great fundraiser at the beginning of the year to raise awareness of Shmooze. Plus, no one has real commitments at the beginning of the year. Is this a feasible undertaking for the Club? Do we have enough people to work it? Sandra never wanted to be a hot dog saleswoman. But the prospect of campus celebrity status changed her mind. And what about outside the bars? We could sell one or two days a week to make it more feasible. [Rachel stands up to leave.] We’ll look into getting licenses by the end of this year so we can start easily in the fall.

Shvitz Headband Update

Relay for Life
We really need to step up our fundraising activities. Several opportunities:
  1. California Pizza Kitchen. Thursday, March 22. All Day. 30% of proceeds go towards RFL. Just write your team name on the back of the receipt. So easy. And delicious.
  2. Can Drive still going on in the dorms (EQ, SQ, WQ, Mojo, Markley, Couzens, and Lloyd)
  3. Theta Taxi service tomorrow. Contact Ruby (rubyr@) for details.
  4. Please use the e-mail feature on the website. Honestly, it takes two minutes. No longer. So easy.
  5. Luminaria. We need to fill these out.
  6. Sign up for walking times and final information will occur at the next meeting.

New, old time: Thursdays @ 7:30
Shvitz Field Trip
To be discussed tomorrow. Big things. Big things.

“Erasing Stereotypes? Passover Dessert Challenge

Building on the success of the Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off, we are planning on undertaking a very serious issue. “Passover dessert has been plagued,? stated Ian. He didn’t notice the pun in his words. Perhaps they’re missing the leavening, but they still have much to offer. Logistics?

[Orly shows up]
Sandra wonders why the dorms have switched to miniature bananas. No one knows. Ian reminisces, with Sandra, about the panini maker @ West Quad.
Daphna would like a date to go see Les Miserables @ the Fisher Theatre. Please let her know (dheisler@)
Tobye Singer is putting on his play this week @ Hillel. Visit the website for more details.
Ian and Ruby are arguing about Opening Day @ the Fish.
Ian congratulates Shmooze for its support of the Bone Marrow Registry. Eleven shmoozniks got their fingers poked this week.
American Dreamz, with a “z? is being screened by M Flicks this Friday @ 8 in the Natural Science Auditorium for FREE.

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March 15, 2006

Taschen about upcoming events

Another great meeting. Good participation from everyone, including some first-time attendees. Several items were on the docket for the meeting. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Iron Blech competition this Saturday, 12:30ish, @ Hillel. Bring your friends and help Shmooze win its first cholent competition. Our practice went well last weekend, but the coach thinks we can really step it up another notch ("Bam!" Emeril-style) on Saturday. New spice coach brought on board. Details in notes below.
  2. Shmooze is looking into running the Kosher Hot Dog Cart on the Diag. Much support from those present. Look forward to seeing your favorite shmoozniks hawking dogs (and singing opera or Yiddish folk songs) in the near future.
  3. We need to continue our efforts in both raising money for Relay for Life and signing up participants. For those already signed up on the team, PLEASE read the notes in the second half of this post for super-easy fundraising ideas. And if you'd like to walk/raise money for the ACS event, please follow this link. Thanks.
  4. I Shvitz Blue headbands are in the process of being made. Updates, and possibly, a finished product for the next meeting. Blue sweatbands with maize writing, or vice versa?
  5. "James' Journey to Jerusalem," tentative date for screening will be March 28.
For the always-hilarious, and sometimes inane, shminutes from the shmeeting, please follow the link below.

Introduction/Purim Recap. Who would you liked to have dressed up as on Purim, if you had the means?

Upcoming Iron Blech competition
Movie Screening: "James' Journey to Jerusalem"
Shmooze is in talks with the Kosher Hot Dog Cart leadership.
M Shvitz
Relay for Life
  1. 141 teams already signed up. Over $51,000 raised already.
  2. So importatnt that we begin raising more money. Really! Use the e-mail tools on the site. Honestly takes two minutes. A few more if you want to personalize the solicitation e-mail.
  3. Luminaria bags can be given for any size donation. If you want more bags, see Ruby (rubyr@)
  4. "Give a little, walk a little" approach. What's better than 24 hours of shmoozing and helping a helping a great cause? [A rhetorical question, please don't answer. Fine. Answer if you will.]
  5. Currently, a Can Drive going in the major dorms for Relay for Life. Bins have been scattered throughout these facilities.
  6. Yost Skate Night, this Sunday from 6 to 8 PM. $5 (with $3 going toward your team).
  7. The standard goal for the Relay is ~$100 per team member. We need to both get more participants AND start raising more money.
  8. STAND against genocide in Sudan. Shira will donate ribbons and Shmooze will support the benefit.

Citigroup Lecture by Dr. Aaron David Miller, of no relation to Rabbi Jason or Bode @ 4 PM in Hale Auditorium on Wednesday, March 15. "Is Arab-Israeli Peace Possible? Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Negotiations?." Dr. Miller is a former president of Seeds of Peace and current advisor for the Woodrow Wilson Center in D.C.
The Books will be playing weird, eclectic, but great music @ UMMA on Wednesday @ 7.
Mark your calendars for April 5 to attend the annual Golden Apple Award lecture. This year's recipient, Dr. Eric Rabkin, a very distinguished English teacher. Please arrive early and leave all crossword/soduku puzzles at home.
Thursday, March 16 @ 7:30 is the Spiral Project—a film made by many University students on 35mm. Information on the posters everywhere around campus or e-mail Aaron (kaczanda@).
Daphna has entered the blogosphere. Please stop by You JUST read my mind. She appreciates all comments, though not the spammers.

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March 06, 2006

Keen on helping out

Good meeting tonight. A little low on the turnout which meant more food—Hamantashen and Seven-Layer Cake—for everyone in attendance. Here's a quick rundown of the most important (time-wise) events on the Shmooze docket.

  1. Fundraiser for Ukrainian Jewish Community @ Cliff Keen Arena. We need (at least) 10 volunteers to spare two hours on Wednesday evening from from 6-8 PM to set/clean up Cliff Keen Arena. The University will then give the Ukrainian Commmunity Center $300. So simple. Please e-mail Ian (irobi@) if you'd like to volunteer. So easy. If you've read this far, I hope/expect you to ponder this opportunity for at least ten seconds. Thanks.
  2. Last chance to sign up for Relay for Life and receive a free t-shirt. Participants may sign up until April, though a free shirt is not guaranteed after this Wednesday. Go here to register and get more information.
  3. Iron Blech competition on March 18. Cholent cookoff (err... slow simmer off). I heard he carved his tasting spoon from an even bigger tasting spoon.
  4. Purim this Monday: 7:00 @ Hillel. 9:30 @ Studio 4. $7 Donation (for an organization that send Jewish children to camp) gets you in the door. Drink specials. Costumes. Megillah!
For this week's always-hilarious minutes, please read on

Agenda for March 6, 2006

Extremely Important Pre-Meeting Notes

How was your break?
Interesting or awkward story

Relay for Life

Future cooking event

Iron Blech(IRON CHEF MOSHE MOTO) on March 18, 2006

Movie event

Cliff Keen

Invisible Children

World Tour this weekend

Purim Update