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Samsung, South Korea: Mario Baumann

I started my internship back in October by getting in contact with recruiters at some of the larger companies I was interested in working for, specifically Microsoft. By end of January, early February, I begin looking in other places, such as iTrack, and I have a list of other companies I wanted to contact. One day I received an email from Joana stating that a new Samsung DFE, at SAIT in YongIn South Krea had been posted. I read over the DFE, and the job description fit my abilities very well, so I went ahead and emailed the contact person my resume and a cover letter. He got back to me within 24 hours and told me to email the recruiter. He CC'd the recruiter, so she already had my cover letter and resume. When I wrote to the recruiter, I wrote an additional cover letter, expanding on how I thought my personal interests and experiences would help me at Samsung. I received an autoreply; she was on vacation. About five days after she was scheduled to get back, I still had not heard from her. Instead of emailing, I had her phone number from the Samsung website, so I called her up. After telling her why I was calling, she told me I missed the application deadline and she would not take my application. I told her about the DFE posting, and she told me to contact the person who had posted it, and if he was interested in me, have him contact her. I had his number too, from the DFE posting. I called him up and he tried to refer me back to the recruiter again. I informed him of my conversation with the recruiter. The first question he asked me is if I have any programming experience. I did, from my SI classes (Java and Complex Websites), but instead of answering the question, I directed him to my portfolio website so he could see my work, not just hear about it. He said he would get back to me in a few days. Within 30 minutes, I received an email from him stating that he had recommended me to the recruiter, and I was one of the 300 potential candidates for the position. He also mentioned I was high on the list due to my effort and enthusiasm. I believe this is because I made the long distance call to Korea, twice. Three weeks later I get an email from the contact person again, asking me if I could guarantee I would be willing to go to Korea, and if I have had any other offers yet. I informed him that Samsung was #1 on my list. He promptly wrote back with my unofficial acceptance letter, and said the recruiter will send me the official one with all the job details soon. He also asked if I was going to CHI, which I am, so we are going to meet there.

Long story short, I had almost given up by the time I was applying to Samsung. I had probably applied to 20 places between October and now, had a number of interviews, but no solid results. I was really excited about Samsung, because I have always wanted to work/study abroad. I decided to call Korea because I wanted to show them how interested I really was in the position, and it worked! Within 3 weeks of applying for the Samsung internship, I now have it. I am still waiting on the details, but I am finally able to just concentrate on school, just in time for finals, papers, and my 622 presentation,

Posted by baumannm at April 14, 2006 03:30 PM


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