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Microsoft: Anna Falkowska

Here is what Anna did to land her internship at Microsoft

I started preparing for my internship search at the beginning of the school year. I went to all the workshops I could (the ones on resume building and networking were especially useful). I practiced my networking skills by identifying alumni who work for companies I was interested in and sending them e-mails asking for information interviews. Most of them responded and were happy to talk to me about their jobs and companies. One person even checked with his boss if they had any internship opportunities for the summer.

I started actively looking for internships during spring break. I first dropped my resume into various resume books on iTrack. This led to interviews with HP, IBM and Pfizer. I then went through the many e-mails Joanna sent out regarding internship positions and identified the ones I wanted to pursue. I also searched iTrack’s internship listings, looking for something promising. I sent out some cover letters and resumes, but heard nothing.

Having gone to the College of Engineering as an undergrad, I knew about its February internship fair. A lot of big and well-known companies usually attend the fair, so I went to try my luck. Most of the companies I spoke with either had no positions fitting my interests (HCI back then) or never contacted me. I did manage to somehow impress the recruiter from Microsoft, because a few days later I got an e-mail asking me to interview with them on campus.

In the middle of March I started getting worried since I interviewed with at least four companies and sent out resumes to many more, yet no one was showing interest in hiring me as an intern. At that point I started asking professors if they would hire me as a research assistant for the summer. Then I got a call from Pfizer. And IBM. And Microsoft. All of a sudden I had three offers, and I chose Microsoft since the type of work (program management) best matched my long term career goals.

Throughout my internship search, I made good use of the career services staff. I would drop by their offices to tell them how I was progressing and to ask if I could be doing anything more to get a good internship. I would also talk to them about which companies would be a good fit for what I was interested in. They even helped me decide which internship offer to accept. Overall, I think SI provided me with a lot of resources and support throughout the whole process and I am pretty happy about how it all turned out.

Posted by choidh at April 20, 2006 04:19 PM


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