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Pfizer Informatics Internship: Amy G

Even though I meant to start looking for an internship in the fall, mid January was when I started looking in earnest. I knew I wanted to stay in Ann Arbor for the summer, but I wasn't confident that would be possible so I didn't look at Ann Arbor positions exclusively. The first position I applied to (through iTrack) was for Pfizer and a I got an interview with their recruiter who was at SI for the day.

My interview went very well, and I think a lot of that was luck. The interviewer had the same undergraduate degree I had (Industrial & Operations Engineering from U of M) and we'd even had some of the same instructors. Having this in common, as well as a previous internship of mine he found very interesting facilitated the kind connection you really want to have during an interview. During the interview he suggested that I consider an internship in the Pfizer Kalamazoo location doing work that related more to my undergrad engineering degree than my current HCI studies; I said I would consider it but reiterated that I would like to stay in Ann Arbor.

I didn't hear anything for a while, and in the meantime I applied for a few other positions, one at U of M and several in California. In early March though the Pfizer recruiter called me, and after a week of playing phone tag I was offered a position (at Pfizer in Ann Arbor) early Friday morning on St. Patrick's Day. (I was actually at the bar, so it was a pretty good day). Even though I was very happy to have an offer, I wanted to wait and see if there was anything else that would come across my plate. However, Pfizer wanted a response within 3 days of them sending the paperwork, so I accepted the position.

Since then I've had a few responses to other applications asking for interviews, which I have turned down. It's a little hard each time because you wonder if maybe you should have made a different decision, but overall I am really happy with how it all turned out. Like I mentioned before, a lot of it was the luck of having a connection with the recruiter.

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