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Proctor and Gamble: Amy Anderson

For those interested in LIS internships, here is how Amy got here internship at Proctor and Gamble.

My internship search started with a little research. I looked for job postings that I found interesting on SI's career board and all the various librarian-friendly sites. I noted skills that might appeal to promising employers. Through the alumni board, I arranged an informational interview with a fellow tech-happy librarian in the corporate world, and I discovered more about my field and the day-to-day of various jobs. Then, I worked on getting some of the right skills - through classes, DFEs and on-campus jobs. Judy gave me some helpful advice on improving my resume during the fall resume rally. I started applying for jobs in February and March. I only applied to a few, but I tailored my resume for each one. During ASB, I found a contact at the LC that eventually yielded an internship offer (unpaid).

The perfect job appeared on SLA's job board just before spring break. It sounded like a great fit, but I didn't hear anything until April (and I didn't even answer the phone, since I was watching my best friend give birth). The next week, the phone interview went great - but, again, I didn't hear anything right away. Right when I was about to give up (just a week later), I got an e-mail. My HR contact was out of town, but my supervisor wanted me to know that they wanted to fly me out for an interview. Since I was the only one flying out, I knew that I had a pretty solid chance of getting the job. I flew out during finals week, and they gave me an offer that afternoon. I accepted immediately and asked if I could use their printer to make a copy of the 503 final (posted that morning) to take on the plane ride home.

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