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Google: David Choi

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. When I wrote about my internship search earlier, I said I would talk about my full-time job search also. So here it is, a bit belated though.

I started my full-time job search in the fall after I decided not to take the offer from where I did my internship, KPMG. As with my internship search, I made a list of companies I was interested in that I would add to if I found additional companies during the process. As Maurice mentioned in his post, the fall is when the big consulting companies come to campus to recruit for MBAs. In addition, some big technology companies also come to campus, like Microsoft and Amazon. Since they don't recruit specifically at SI, I would get a copy of the Monroe Street Journal, the business school newsletter, that lists when the companies are going to give their presentations. I also went in with a few other people and purchased an iMpact account over at the business school that gave me access to the recruiters' contact information and presentation schedule. Although many of the companies were not hiring specifically for SI students, the recruiters often will still take your resume or refer you to a person in the field you are looking for. For example, Amazon was not recruiting for UI positions at their presentation but I talked to one of the presenters and he forwaded my resume to someone he knew at Amazon who were looking for UI people. I was able to get interview that way.

Another way I used were the fall career center and engineering job fairs. I would check out the companies that were attending and then identify the ones I was interested in. I would look at their websites to get more information. I would also tailor my resumes to try to match what they were looking for. I would then go to their booths at the fairs and talk with them. I got interviews with three companies using this method. I also subscribed to the CHI-JOBs email list. These list-serves are great resources because they often have emails and contact information for the recruiters. Sending my resume directly to them was much more effective than trying to submit my resume through their websites. I also checked the jobs that were being forwarded to the SI and SOCHI lists. I got interviews with two companies replying to positions posted on these lists.

During my search for HCI positions, having an online portfolio was very important. The portfolio helped the most during my interviews. The interviewers would often ask about projects I worked on. Of course, I would describe and explain them but then I would mention they could actually see my different projects on my portfolio. During many phone interviews, the person would be looking at and referring to my portfolio while I was talking to them. They could actually see the screenshots and samples, which generated many more questions. For in person interiews, I brought a small binder of screenshots from the projects on my portfolio. In one of my interviews, we spent over 20 minutes going through just one of my projects.

I suppose I should finally get to how I got in contact with Google. I would regularly check the Google jobs website for jobs I might be good for. When I found one I liked, I got the contact information for Google from the SI iTrack database. You can get recuriter and company contact information by just talking to Joanna or Tonya. I sent him my resume for the position I was interested in. It turns out he was recruiting for a different position but forwarded my resume to the appropriate recruiter. I got contacted for an interview after that. To make a long story short, the interviews were definitely some of the toughest I ever had. You definitely need to do your homework about the company and its products. Also be prepared to think quickly and come up with ideas on the fly.

I hope this information was helpful. I had a blast being one of your SI Career Services Assistants. Have a great summer and good luck on your current or future job and internship searches!

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