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Plan of action: be prepared!

Hello there! This entry is listed under Job Search but it also applies to those doing Internship searches as well. I'm just dropping a quick note onto the blog to remind everyone to get your plan of action ready! Just yesterday I talked to two (count 'em 2!) employers and both wanted my resume. Trust me, doing your resume the night before you need to turn it in to someone is a bad idea. Take charge of your job/internship search! Do it now when it's still relatively early for Spring/Summer work and when those employers come knocking on your door you'll be all set to go.

So, if you haven't gotten your resume in order yet or you don't know what to do about job/internship searches, come on over to 402 WH or send an email to either of the following people:
David Dworin (dworind@umich.edu)
Tonya McCarley (mccato@umich.edu)
Mary Ann Williams(maryaw@umich.edu)

Even if you think your resume is fine, just bring it by--you'd be surprised what another pair of eyes can tell you! Speaking of resumes, I reviewed a few in the past couple of weeks and quite a few people had questions along the lines of, "How do I show a potential employer about this project? How can they see it?" The answer, my dear grasshoppers, is in this magical concept: portfolios. Think these were HCI folks asking me this question? Nay! They were LIS and ARM. Surprised? Well, I'm not. I think LIS/ARM is long overdue to learn about how portfolios can put you at the top of the heap of applications in that whizbang-fantabulous employer's HR office.

So, now that I have whetted your appetite for knowledge about portfolios, stay tuned for some future programming at SI to learn more about portfolios: What are they? How can they help? Why should I consider having one? And to learn about how to make them: What are my options? How do I get started? What do I put in my portfolio?

See you in 402WH...
-maw :o)

Posted by maryaw at October 5, 2006 05:08 PM


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