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Online Portfolios….not just for HCI, every SI student needs one!

I’m graduating from SI this term and am in the thick of my job search. In the last week, I went to two interviews. I was able to refer the individual I was talking with to my online portfolio to see my work. In both cases, it was to show my writing. An online portfolio is nice because I don’t have to remember to carry the paper or worry that I’m taking the wrong paper to an interview. Instead, I can be confident there is a balanced variety of my work at my site. My online portfolio isn’t super fancy, but it’s functional and it is convenient for employers to view my work. If you do not know how to make your own online portfolio, you can get help around campus. Check out http://www.si.umich.edu/outreach/training/index.htm#workshops for workshop times and locations, and free web tutorials.

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New things in 402WH

Hey folks--stop by 402WH some time and see what we have up! There are sample resumes on the wall, so that you can see some different versions and how they were done. We're also slowly insulating our heat-challenged room by putting up the flyers from employer visits all semester. If you want to see what has happened since September, you can come and check it out in case you missed anything the first time.

There's no time like now to update those resumes! The week of an employer visit or career fair is not the best time to do this. For one thing, it doesn't give you much time to take careful consideration of the changes you might want to make. It also adds undue stress on your already stressful and busy schedule. But it also doesn't leave much time for us in 402WH to help you much if you send us a draft. Sometimes we can get to reviews pretty quickly, but it's usually best to give things at least a full week turn-around time. We want to give you the best possible amount of comments and suggestions but we're also juggling classes, homework, and life as well.

Before you know it, Fall Semester will be over and Winter Semester will be upon us. That means, career/internship fairs and employer visits will be in full swing before you can say "Happy Holidays." Make it a goal to learn something new at least once a month--go to an event and listen to what they have to say. Who knows? You just might find something that you need...

And that's all I have to write for now, fearless grasshoppers. Until next time...

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