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Welcome Back!

This is my first blog -- ever, if that is believable! -- and I am excited to be able to share some of my thoughts as related to your career search endeavors with you. As the new Career Counselor within the School of Information, I have recently finished a job search myself, so I also want you to know that I am able to empathize with each of you in the challenges and successes of a typical internship or career search.

One thing that I always like to do is bring information to students that is relevant to what they are studying in terms of companies, trends, new job functions, etc. I was reading Time over the weekend -- trying to catch up on the back log of them from the last few weeks -- and I noticed an article on the so-called demise of newspapers. The article said that this idea is in fact wrong -- newspapers are doing great and profiting but they are also in need of an evolution in terms of its sales structure and method of information disbursement. In the article, Scott Bosley, executive director of the American Society of Newspaper Editors said, "The word newspaper is going to disappear. Newspaper companies will become information companies."

I thought that this was an interesting statement. As a job and/or internship searcher, have you considered working at a newspaper? I can see how archivists are potentially interested in this field, or LIS students, but what about HCI students? And IEMP? HCI students can apply their knowledge of human interaction and usability to the layout of newspapers -- online and in print. And we are all aware of the policy issues associated with print information and the internet which are only going to get greater and greater.

Keep an eye out for careers associated with newspapers. You might be able to make Gannet or the Tribune Company see potential in you that it might not have thought it needed.

Happy New Year and welcome back! - Kelly

Posted by kkowatch at January 2, 2007 02:44 PM


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