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Online Form Applications - Pasting Your Resume

I found this great article last week or the week before when I was reading the Detroit Free Press' Career Builder article. It has some smart tips on how to prepare your resume for those annoying on-line job application forms where you can't attach your resume, but you have to paste it in.

Create an e-friendly resume in 8 easy steps
It is important to provide a short, clear and concise electronic resume. Some scanning systems and databases stop reading resume after a certain number of lines, often after about one and a half pages, so be sure that your most important information appears early in the resume.

You can easily take your existing resume and reformat it for electronic submission. Here are some quick guidelines to do so:

Open your regular resume file and select the Save As command on your toolbar, usually located under the file menu. Select Text Only, Plain Text or ASCII as the type.
Close the file and then reopen it to make rue you are working from the next text-only version. You'll see that most graphic elements such as lines, images and bullet point symbols have now been eliminated. But if they haven't, go ahead and delete them. You may use equal signs in place of lines or borders and replace bullet points with plus symbols (+), asterisks (*) or hyphens (-).
Limit your margins to no more than 65 characters wide.
Use an easy-to-scan sans-serif type font such as Courier, Arial or Helvetica.
Eliminate bold, italics and underlining if any remain after saving as Text Only.
Keep all text aligned to the left.
Instead of using the tab key or paragraph indents, use the space key to indent.
When done, click Save or OK. Then reopen the file to see how it looks. Make any additional format changes as needed.
Now test your electronic resume by e-mailing to a friend who uses a different email host. For example, if you use America Online, send it to a friend on Yahoo! or Hotmail. Also send the resume to someone who works in a large company to see how it transmits by including it in the body of the e-mail rather than as an attachment. That way, the recipient will be able to tell you how it looks when it shows up in the e-mail system and whether it is legible.

Source: Detroit Free Press - Careerbuilder.com
Author: Michael Farr
Date: July 09, 2006

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