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Job hunting and health perils

Greetings! Kelly has asked me (and some other people, I believe) to post about my experiences job hunting. I have been keeping an eye on the library/archives (I'm ARM) job market since I started at SI, and sent out my first resume last summer. Since January I have been sending out my resume at least once a week. I have had one interview, which was followed by a quasi-job offer ("Congratulations! We would like to offer you a job, but we can't make any offers right now. Wait a few weeks"). Many of the postings have deadlines a month or two in advance, so several of my resumes are probably still sitting on a desk somewhere waiting to be read. In a week or two I shall be discovered! Or at least that is what I am telling myself to keep my spirits up!!

Last weekend I identified what has become my current "job of a lifetime". The application process for said job involves creating a profile and uploading a few documents.

I took my time, followed all the instructions, and submitted my application. I continued on to apply to a few other "less worthy" positions. While drafting a cover letter for one of the "less worthy" jobs, I happened to open up the cover letter for the "job of a lifetime". Turns out I had submitted a draft version of the cover letter, not the real thing.

Instant panic.

Once you have submitted, you can't make any changes. The only option is to withdraw your application. If you withdraw, you can not re-apply. Not good.

Putting my liberal arts, think-outside-the-box, skills to work, I decided I could trick the system by creating another profile. There were some minor glitches in the system, but I finally managed to get that to work. I went through the motions, and finally submitted the application with all the right documents.

I withdrew the old one, went back in to look at the new one, and for a split second I thought the system had caught on to me and had withdrawn the new one too.

Instant heart attack.

Once the blood was back to flowing at its normal rate, I decided it was time to eat dinner. At some point while I was cooking I managed to spill something on the floor that caused me to slip whenever I ran my foot over it. You would think that after slipping once I would have done something to alleviate the situation. No. I left whatever it was on the floor so that I could continue to slip. I'm blaming this on the uneven flow of blood to my head experienced earlier in the evening. If everything had been functioning as it should have, I would have immediately taken care of the slippery stuff so I wouldn't risk breaking my neck. Breaking my neck, of course, would severely limit my ability to perform the "job of a lifetime".

Moral of the story: job hunting is hazardous to your health.

Posted by jsharp at March 17, 2007 09:49 PM


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