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The Greatest Job Search Tool - that Doesn't List Jobs!

One of my absolute favorite job search tools is Hoover's. Hoover's is actually a business information tool: "Hoover's, Inc., delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth." It does not have any job listings. What it does have is information on companies -- and their locations, size, products -- and my favorite -- industry competitors.

You can build a list in Hoover's which lets you narrow the number of organizations registered with them (last time I checked it was 18,070,352 which is 2 million more than last year when I started using it frequently) based on Company Location, Size, Industry, Type, People, Financial Data, and Specialty Criteria. You can work with this criteria in order to create an ideally sized list that works for your job search.

This is helpful because it can provide with a set list of organizations to do you job or internship search within. For example, last week I had a MSI student ask me about HCI opportunities in Europe. We don't really have any companies that are specifically from Europe that recruit with us, so I referred her to Hoover's.

In our search, we entered in Europe as a location (1,319,067 organizations) and then Business Intelligence Software in the Industry Category. That took us down to a list of 31 organizations, which is a realistic number of organization to work with for a job search.

After clicking "View Results", we were shown the names, locations, sales, size, and phone number of the 31 companies. We then clicked on a company that was in an ideal location and we were shown specific information about the company. It also showed us what other industries that this organization falls into and the list of industry competitors. With another student, we found IDEO's top 15 competitors, which opened up his options to whole other set of organizations, most of which he had never heard of.

You can access Hoover's by linking to the SI Career Services Site, clicking on Job Search Tools from the dropdown and then scrolling down to the bottom of the site to Online Career Resources (we are going to move this soon, I swear!) and then scrolling down to the Career, Job Search, and Salary Information Sites section where you will find Hoover's as the second listing.

If you want a demonstration, let me know! I love to show this tool off to anyone interested. I recommend you check it out. Kelly

Posted by kkowatch at March 22, 2007 10:40 AM


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