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"A Career for Information Junkies"

I wanted to bring attention to this article because it fits the interests of all of the student population here at SI.... This is especially relevant to those that are considering a specialization in Infomation Analysis and Retrieval.

"A Career for Information Junkies" By Marty Nemko Source

"We're already overwhelmed with information, and it's going to get worse. A savior is the Search Specialist, who for a fee, goes beyond what librarians have time to do. Search specialists surf the Net and databases such as Dialog and Nexis, and phone-interview the right people, providing you with a digest of the best information. Search specialists must specialize, for example, in aerospace engineering, politics, or medicine. How to get clients? Pick a specialty, give talks at its professional association, and write for its publications."

For more info on this career, check out (and consider joining!) the Association of Independent Information Professionals. The Member Directory is free and public - the contact information of the members (including personal email addresses) is available for anyone to view. A great resource for networking and online informational interviews!

Posted by kkowatch at April 23, 2007 11:12 AM


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