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How I found my summer internships...

While I hope many of you have already found your internship(s) for the summer, I wanted to provide some advice based on my internship search. While my search was relatively direct and only involved a few inquiries, I feel that there is one thing that made it easy: networking. As some of you know, I am primarily interested in government documents. While taking SI 579 Government Information in the fall, I met with the instructor during her office hours to discuss my interest in the field. During the meeting, she suggested that I contact Grace York if I was interested in an internship at any time during my studies. So prior to spring break I emailed Grace noting my interest in government documents and pointing out that much of the recent research on government document librarian training highly suggests an internship in a large government documents center. Within a few hours, I had a response that showed interest in my inquiry and an interview was setup. During this interview, Grace noted that the government documents center could only support a 3 credit hour internship. While I had some other possible locations in mind for the additional 3 credit hours, I asked Grace what she would suggest. She noted that a position as a map librarian intern or Numeric and Spatial data librarian intern would be a good match. She also volunteered to make additional contact with a few of her colleagues to scout out the opportunities. I later corresponded with Jennifer Green and had another interview/meeting to plan that part of the internship. At that time, Jennifer also implied carrying over my internship into the fall semester. While I'm not leaving Ann Arbor for the summer, I feel that the internships that I ended up with will be very helpful in securing a position after graduation. So if you still are looking for internships, consider talking to your profs or setting up a meeting with career service, they are bound to have ideas and connections regardless of your field of interest.

Posted by raycw at April 4, 2007 10:11 AM


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