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iTrack -- How Great It Is!

I find that when I meet with students and ask them how they've been searching for their jobs or internships, they often respond, "iTrack". But when I ask them about their use of the different features that can be utilized, most don't realize that there are functions beyond that of the iTrack Job Postings.

First of all, everyone should check out the iTrack Jobs. These are jobs that SI Careers staff specifically choose to be seen by you, whether they come from our many recruiting partners, the NACElink system, or from postings that we find online or on listservs and add ourselves. Beyond the iTrack Jobs, you can also search the NACElink Network, which will give you access to all the jobs submitted by employers for all users of iTrack to see (not just SI). The best part about the NACElink jobs is that you can search by zip code, so you might find something that's interesting to you and only you right in your targeted geographic area, that wasn't added to the iTrack Jobs.

Back to the iTrack Jobs function... Everyone should set up a Search Agent as soon as they create a profile with iTrack. There are now instructions on iTrack on how to do this. You can set the system to email you once a day, week, or month -- whatever you prefer -- with a list of jobs that matches your search criteria. How easy is that?

Also, you can see what jobs were posted from over a year ago (when the iTrack system was launched) and find the related contact information. You can also search this information and find out if your preferred employers have posted jobs that you are interested in the last year (since July 2006). You can find this information by clicking on the "Archived Employer Contact Information" tab. Information on 4887 archived internships and full-time positions are stored in that area of iTrack. This is also a good resource for perusing job descriptions if you aren't quite sure what you want to do with your MSI degree.

Lastly, currently in iTrack, SI Careers has 801 Registered Organizations and 3487 Registered Employer Contacts. That covers a lot of employers! SI Careers makes all employers' information public, so your network of employers is huge! How do you find out who's in iTrack that you can contact? Click on the Employers tabs to find out who's in iTrack. You can search in this section by industry, find out detailed information about the organization, and also get the name of the main contact for the organization in this section. We are also more than happy to provide you with the contact information of other contacts if we have them.

If you have an iTrack tip to share, please do! Let us know if you have any questions! - Kelly

Posted by kkowatch at April 25, 2007 01:53 PM


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