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SI Alumni, Incentive Centered Design and Other Miscellany

I have to admit, before I applied to work at SI, I had never really heard of an information school. When I saw the posting, I thought, hmmm... information systems and programming, etc... that doesn't sound so very interesting. Boy was I wrong! I am fascinated by what everyone is studying here -- from library services (I wish now that I had taken advantage of my alma matas' librarians when I was doing research papers, etc) to the technology oriented stuff. I use the geni.com tree and del.icio.us and everything else that you guys are working on and and inform others about because its so cool!

The other thing that has been surprising for me is the great alumni and related employees that I keep meeting! A friend of my husband's family whom I have met several times, a former Media Specialist, is an alumnus. My ceramics teacher, now a full-time potter, is an alumnus of SI and spent years working at Proquest and Thomson Gale. Also in my ceramics class are two E-Commerce Consultants who work at Foresee Results. I asked these two girls what they do for a living the very day that I was doing some intensive research on incentive-centered design and I was struck by the coincidence of meeting not one, but two people who work in that very field. What they told me in our conversation is that Foresee Results is hiring! I looked at their website, and they are right: Satisfaction Research Analysts (SRA) and Team Leads, J2EE Programmer, Implementation Services Specialist, Business Systems Analyst/Project Administrator are all posted as open positions right now. My ceramics colleages said that they are lucky because the do really love what they do and they really love who they work for. I suggest you check it out -- the positions all sound interesting and they recruit from a variety of backgrounds, so there is something for everyone.

(ForeSee Results is the market leader in online satisfaction measurement and management. They utilize the methodology of the country’s most respected, credible and well-known measure of customer satisfaction, the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)."

Posted by kkowatch at May 11, 2007 10:16 AM


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