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The 100 Smartest Companies of 2007

Today, as I was perusing the internet doing some "research" on our new specializations, I came across a most unique list: The 100 Smartest Companies of 2007 (Source: eWeek.com.) Now, this list isn't measuring IQ or the most degrees per employee; it's just a little bit different that what you might think!

Baseline, an (internet) magazine/professional publication or sorts, calculated the "average value that has been created by a company's workers—everyone from the chief executive through middle managers to the lowest-paid staffers. Baseline's underlying assumption is that the smartest companies must necessarily be skilled at managing information."

I recommend that you check this list out -- you will probably be surprised at the top companies. Travelzoo is the top technology company, at number 5. Marvel Entertainment (yes, of the comic book fame) is in the top 25. You might find that you see some interesting employment possibilities through this list -- in industries that you never even considered to be top information users and managers.

Posted by kkowatch at May 15, 2007 01:19 PM


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