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Check This Out: Blog by the Head Google Recruiter

I came across this blog today -- Meritocracy.net -- which is written by the head of staffing for Online Sales and Operations at Google. I know that this is of interest to a large amount of SI students and I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible. (You can add this blog to your RSS feed or get emails updates sent directly to you.)

The most recent blog was about the chasm created between people inside companies and people outside of companies because of technology. The blog author, Jason Warner, makes some excellent points about the difference in the way we apply for jobs now that we have the internet compared to before the internet -- and the level of energy involved. If you are interested in working at Google, definitely check this blog out and make sure to follow the advice given! Following up on my last blog, you may want to add some comments to the blog posts to get noticed.

From Jason's Blog, I also connected to another career-search related blog, that has some interesting take-aways: The Brazen Careerist. Penelope Trunk has some great advice on balancing work, life, and fullfillment.

Posted by kkowatch at June 13, 2007 09:48 AM


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