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News: Most Hated Internet Words

I took a hiatus there from writing for about a week or so; I am sure that many SI prospective and current students and alumni are in a similar time of life as I: I attend weddings or wedding-related events just about every weekend! I was out last week to attend my brother's Friday night wedding, which was quite a bit of fun and I had a great time explaining to many of the other fellow guests what the heck I career counsel people on these days. Surprisingly, many people still need to be informed on what an archivist does.

While we were driving home this weekend from Grand Rapids, I heard on the radio a clip about the Top Ten Most Hated Words on the Internet. As they rattled the list off, I thought, "Well, that's pretty much 100% SI!" The words included in reverse order (from ten to one): Wiki, Cookie, Social Networking, Vlog, Webinar, Blook, Netiquette, Blog, Blogosphere, and Folksonomy. By the way, what is a Vlog and a Blook? The DJ on the radio pronounced webinar "Web-in-air" the first time... I laughed about that! Anyway, this isn't really a career-development related blog; I just wanted to share this interesting list with you! I really think that SI and all of its little idiosyncrasies and terminology is really quite loveable!

A question for all of you out there: What are your most loved or hated internet words?

Posted by kkowatch at June 26, 2007 01:38 PM


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