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Students Gets a Dream Job -- Because of his Blog!

A 21 year old got a job with the New York Times because of his blog. That truly is social computing at work! Check out the article on Brian Stelter at the Baltimore Sun.

I've received the recommendation from many different professionals and SI alumni to tell students to blog and participate in listservs for the purpose of increasing their network. I know that a bunch of SI students subscribe to professional listservs that post jobs and host discussions, but only once have I seen an SI student actually post something to one (and I subscribe to 20+). Participating in discussions on listservs or blogging about what's going on and what you are working on are forms of networking, especially if your work or comments are getting noticed. I recently found a job description that required two years of blogging experience - it’s true! If you haven't yet, sign up for at least one professional listserv in your field (email me for suggestions if you are at loss) and start blogging. Someone might notice and it may land you the job of your dreams!

Posted by kkowatch at June 12, 2007 03:54 PM


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