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Getting to Know Your Internship and Job Resources - Part 1

This is the first of many blogs in which I plan to share with you resources for your internship or job search. I'm going to start with the obvious ones today... things that SI has to offer and a few other resources here on UM's campus.

The most obvious Job and Internship Resources offered by SI is iTrack. iTrack is an online job posting board for jobs and internships, locally, nationally, and occasionally globally. By the time a MSI student graduates, chances are they have signed up for iTrack. I recommend that if you aren't familiar with iTrack (and I guarantee that you don't know all the little perks that it has to offer unless I've shown them to you personally), then you should definitely check out a blog that I wrote earlier this year on how to get the most out of iTrack: iTrack -- How Great It Is!

As I wrote this current blog, I checked iTrack to see exactly what iTrack had to offer you. Quantitatively, this is what there is:
3276 Registered Employers
3700 Registered Employer Contacts
379 Job Postings
232 Multi-School Postings
11 Scheduled Information Sessions

Not to shabby, huh? What those numbers don't show is that we've posted 2115 jobs since SI Careers adopted iTrack in 2006! That's a lot of jobs. That's about 17 potential jobs per student being posted!

You may be wondering where those jobs come from? SI Careers contracts iTrack (aka Nacelink) from a software vendor called Symplicity. Nacelink is a national job search board that hundreds of different schools use. That's where the Nacelink jobs come in. Employers have the choice of posting jobs with SI exclusively or through Nacelink to multiple schools. We get to choose which jobs go on the Nacelink job listings and the SI-only job listings. So, employers post jobs on iTrack. We also seek out jobs from listservs, job boards, and company websites that we think would be interesting to you and add them to iTrack and invite the employers to further a recruiting relationship with us.

Some features that you should definitely be taking advantage of in iTrack are the SI Job Postings, the Search Agent, and the Archived Employer Information/Job Postings (its easy to look back and see what jobs were posted this time last year – or what internships in the past spring – to see what you should be planning on being posted again this year or to drum up a new contact).

The UM Career Center is a career resource also available to all SI students. You can also sign up for their job board, the Career Center Connector, to look for internships and jobs. The Career Center also contracts with Nacelink, so the format of the system looks pretty close to iTrack, but the jobs and some of the individual functionalities are different.

For a fee of $75, you can also sign up to use the Ross Business School's iMpact recruiting system. If you are interested in learning more about this resource, please email me at kkowatch@umich.edu. Ross has many on-campus company presentations that you are welcome to attend free of charge; it is taking part in their on-campus recruitment that requires the fee.

Other school's recruitment boards (Engineering, Law, etc) are not open to students other than their own, but you can always attend the career fairs offered by these schools. Watch your SI email for information on these events and if there is something that you are searching for specifically let me know and I'll help you find it.

Next week, I'll talk about the Student-Alumni Network that SI hosts and also the University Alumni Network. Have a great weekend! ~ Kelly

Posted by kkowatch at September 28, 2007 01:01 PM


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