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Employer Visit: Fry, Inc

Besides the exciting news that I just got my first iPod and my husband and I are just mesmerized by it and its amazing capabilities, Joanna and I visited Fry, Inc on Wednesday.

Fry, Inc's motto is "Commerce Without Compromise." I got from the meeting that they are into building applications that aid businesses (which include Ann Taylor, Brookstone, Crate & Barrel, Smithsonian Store, Meijer, and World Market among others) with their e-commerce activities. This includes strategic services, information architecture, creative design and branding, application development and integration, managed services and hosting, and data analysis and reporting. You can check it all out on their website under their Our Solutions section.

Fry, Inc has had a couple SI alumni work there and now is venturing into the world of interns. They are hoping for more of a direct pipeline recruiting relationship to happen between them and SI, as we are too.

The main positions for which they are recruiting are Information Architects (IAs). IAs are split into Junior IA's and Senior IAs. The difference in the two positions is really the level of involvement with clients and customers and the degree of decision making. However, there are several other positions on their website currently that may be of interest to current MSIs and alumni that include Senior Project Manager (Ann Arbor), eCommerce Strategy Project Manager (NYC), Interface Developer (NYC & Wesmont, Illinois), Business Consulting Associate (San Francisco), and Systems Architect (San Francisco & Wesmont, Illinois), among many others!

Specific Skills that Fry is seeking in their IAs include:
1. Interaction Design -- being able to see and document the evaluation flow and translating to wireframes
2. Customer Research abilities and experience
3. Client Interaction – experience selling ideas to other people with and without research for back-up.

And, how they want to know that you have these skills is through sample work. You should have an online portfolio and/or a two-to-three page document with screen shots and bulleted descriptions of your work to demonstrate your work and abilities. Your resume should clearly have a defined skills set section, the right keywords in it and you should have applied your usability knowledge to your resume when you created. It’s rare that we have such clear feedback from a company about what they are searching for, so I hope you are able to take advantage of it!

Have questions about Fry? Contact me or Joanna! ~ Kelly

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