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Intenship Success Story - What I Learned

This past summer, I did an internship with Pure Visibility, an internet marketing company here in Ann Arbor. The work was exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. In a few short months, I gained new skills, and improved existing abilities in valuable areas. But equally important as the skill-benefits to me was the overall opportunity the experience provided for me to learn what my ideal work situation looks like.

When I started at Pure Visibility, they were in the middle of a busy season. I was literally thrown in to help where I could, and in the next couple months I completed numerous reports: some were SEO Recommendations, some case studies for large clients, some included Visitor Behavior Analysis. I gained experience in HTML development and took part in some client meetings. The experience itself was great for picking up new technical skills & know-how, but when it comes to the less tangible skills like writing, this was where the experience was invaluable. My mentor gave me detailed feedback, and took the time to talk over with me all the projects I worked on. My business writing improved with leaps and bounds as a result. In addition, because the company is so small (~10), I really got to see how projects evolved, often with multiple individuals working on separate components, to bring them together in the end. The work was never cut-and-dried; there were always diverse factors each with their own effect. By watching my mentor assess such situations, over time my own ability to analyze complex technical and qualitative situations improved dramatically. Now that's a skill I can bring to any employer!

As I mentioned, Pure Visibility is a fast-paced environment where time is never wasted. Neither is quality sacrificed, however. As a result, my time-budgeting skills got much sharper. The atmosphere is completely collaborative: it has to be to get the work done by deadlines. Despite being inclined to work alone, I began to see for the first time how in the right environment (one where innovation is welcomed, and everyone's standards high), even I could come to prefer collaboration. And then there were the little perks: the company moved during my time with them to a floor of an old bank on Main Street. The building is beautiful, and PV made it even more welcoming, painting bright colors, bringing in inviting furniture, and all-around creating an innovating, casual atmosphere.

I continue to work part time with Pure Visibility. Thanks to the summer internship, I will go in to my job search after graduating this year with firm knowledge of what I want in a job, including variety, innovation, a small company, and fulfilling work.

Posted by jhullman at October 17, 2007 10:42 AM


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