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SI Careers Site Visit: Enlighten

On this past Tuesday, Joanna and I visited Enlighten for a company visit in which we learned about their recruitment and employment opportunities for SI students and graduates.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with Enlighten, they are an Ann Arbor-based provider of internet services, in just about every fashion imaginable: Website Design and Development, Interactive Marketing and Branding, Broadband Applications, Interactive Customer Relationships, Integrated Product Launches, and eBusiness Optimization. For SI'ers, there's a function or job for just about everyone!

Speaking of SI'ers, while Joanna and I were at Enlighten, we really couldn't turn around without running in to an SI Alumnus. There are five MSI graduates at Enlighten that we got to chat with while we were there, and a couple other that either weren't present or had moved on to other professional experiences. Clearly, Enlighten values the skills and abilities that SI has to offer you.

We're expecting them to come to SI in the spring, so keep an eye out for information on their visit. They will be recruiting for internships and full-time positions. Note that they often hire full-time workers as contract workers and then later hire them on for full-time, professional employees. One skill that they said they are especially seeking is Flash, so if you've got it, they want it!

Just in case you're interested in working for a similar organization to Enlighten, you might want to also check out Campbell-Ewald, Fry Multimedia, Wunderman, and Digitas (who's visiting SI on Friday, October 26). Hoover’s also recommends Arc Worldwide, Avenue A | Razorfish, DraftFCB (visiting SI on Wednesday, October 31), Grizzard Communications, and Rapp Collins, among others, as competitors.

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