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Getting to Know Your Resources: Part II

The Student Alumni Network at UM and other Alumni Resources

I was just demonstrating to one of the first year MSI's the Student Alumni Network and I commented to them, "I wonder if everyone even knows about the Student Alumni Network?" This wondering prompted me to write this blog!

So, what is the Student Alumni Network? Its a resource offered that gives SI students access to alumni who have offered to provide their expertise and tips to inquiring students. You can use the SAN to contact alumni about your internship or job search, what classes to take, or whatever else is on your mind. You can search registered alumni by Professional Title, First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Career Fields, Employer, Degree, Graduation Year, City, State, and Comments. There is at least one person in just about every niche of the career realm associated with SI -- sometimes many more!

You can find the Student Alumni Network on the SI website under the Careers heading. Note that the SAN will soon be shifting over to be part of iTrack. Keep an eye out for an email that announces this change soon.

Other UM-Alumni related resources that SI students and alumni can use are the following:

Alumni NetWorks is a career service that offers graduates and current students the opportunity to gain information and networking contacts from one of U-M's most valuable resources, its alumni. Through this program, participants are able to contact alumni mentors who have volunteered to provide career coaching on topics ranging from information about their occupation and how to enter the job market to relocating to a specific city.

inCircle is an online directory and networking community that contains all University of Michigan alumni and students. It offers all the basic functions of an online directory (the ability to search for friends and colleagues) plus the ability to create your own personal network. It's just like a Michigan version of Facebook or MySpace!

And, don't forget your Alma Mater's alumni resources... UM has one of the greatest alumni networks in the world, but that doesn't mean that your own undergraduate institution doesn't have some fabulously connected people that you can contact. Oh, and one more thing... the cardinal rule of networking is that you should always give back in order to receive -- so, don't forget to register to be a mentor to your undergraduate school and to SI when you graduate! I'd love to tell future students that you would be a great alumnus to reach out to. ~Kelly

Posted by kkowatch at November 12, 2007 04:37 PM


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