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More Information on Internships Abroad -- Deadlines, etc

If you are interested in an internship abroad, I suggest that you meet with Bill Nolting of the UM International Center. His contact information can be found at the bottom of this posting. Below you will find information from Bill on international internship deadlines, etc. -Kelly

It may seem early to think about what you'll be doing next summer or next year, but if you're interested in working abroad, many of the best programs have application deadlines just around the corner!

More than 800 U-M students & recent graduates work abroad each year, and many of them participate in the following programs. I'm listing these in two categories: options for short-term (summer / semester) internships, and longer-term options for those who will be graduating or have graduated.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions about any of the programs listed here -- or about other options if you don't see what you're looking for here.


CDS EMGIP parliamentary internships in GERMANY
Nov. 30 for Spring 2008 or Jan. 11 for Summer 2008
U-M contact: Peggy Wunderwald-Jensen, pwjensen@umich.edu or tel.

Dec. 1 -- http://www.cdsintl.org/cbyx/cbyxfromusa.htm
Applications must be received by CDS in New York, NY by this date!
U-M contact: Peggy Wunderwald-Jensen, pwjensen@umich.edu or tel.

Dec. 3 -- CDS-UM Summer 2008 internships in GERMANY, http://www.cdsintl.org/fromusa/umich.htm
Citizens of *all* countries are eligible. Most positions are paid.
Program is affiliated with U-M's German Department.

CDS also offers unpaid summer internships in SPAIN (apply by Jan. 18) and ARGENTINA (apply by Jan. 31). U-M contact: Peggy Wunderwald-Jensen, pwjensen@umich.edu or phone 615-6336. She will hold extra office hours in MLB 3416 this week to meet with applicants: Tuesday 12-3PM, Wednesday 1-3PM and Friday 1-4 PM.

Apply in December, or no later than Jan 1. -- IAESTE offers paid overseas internships in 80+ countries for students in ENGINEERING, SCIENCES & ARCHITECTURE. Citizens of *all* countries are eligible. Be sure to join U-M's IAESTE student chapter before you apply, to save on fees! IAESTE application page is:

Apply now -- Internships in FRANCE through U-M's French Department -- contact Rachel Criso at rcriso@umich.edu.

No deadline, BUNAC Work Abroad Programs in BRITAIN, IRELAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. Note that if you graduated in May, you'll need to start the program in Britain, Ireland or Canada by December 31. The Australia program is open to students & non-students up to age 30 (same for New Zealand, but age limit is 35).

See our article on short-term paid work abroad at:

BUNAC's website is http://www.bunac.org


Dec. 1 -- CDS Congress-Bundestag Program in Germany (see above)

Dec. 3 -- Japan Teaching & Exchange (JET) Program, for academic year
2008-09 (deadline for receipt of hard-copy application & all supporting documents in Washington, DC). Placements as English Teaching Assistants
(ALT) or Coordinators of International Relations (CIR). Japanese Government program. Positions are well-paid and there are no fees. See our article with tips for applying at:

The JET Program's website is:

Dec. 3 -- Princeton-in-Asia, for academic year 2008-09. Program offers placements in 13 Asian countries for a) Teaching English or b) "Workplace fellowships" in Business, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Media. Program is affiliated with Princeton University. Applicants must be willing to go to interview in Princeton, NJ.

Dec. 15 -- CDS Alfa Fellowships in RUSSIA, 2008-09 (for those who have a graduate degree & knowledge of Russian). Fully-funded.

Feb. 1 (previously was Dec. 1, though earlier application than Feb. 1 is
encouraged) -- France English Teaching Assistantship, for academic year 2008-09. French Government program. Positions are paid and there are no fees. See our article about the program at:

The program's website with application forms is:

No deadline, BUNAC (see above).

No deadline, PEACE CORPS (but best to apply around 9 months before you want to start). If interested, come to the PEACE CORPS INFORMATION SESSION FRIDAY, NOV. 30 at 3 PM in the U-M INTERNATIONAL CENTER. Peace Corps offers fully-funded (paid) volunteer work in 70+ less-developed countries; positions are for two years plus several months training. US Government program; no fees, US citizens eligible.
U-M Peace Corps Office (at the International Center), Amanda Miller and Ashley Thompson, peace.corps@umich.edu, tel. 647-2182, http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/peace
or http://www.peacecorps.gov

For all options for working abroad, please see our overview site at:

As always, feel free to e-mail, phone or visit our office if you have any questions!

Bill Nolting, U-M International Center, tel. 734-647-2299 Overseas Opportunities & Peace Corps Office
603 E. Madison Street (next to the Michigan Union) http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/swt

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