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Resources for Employment in Michigan!

If you are interested in staying in Michigan for your internship or for when you graduate then, this article is for you. Earlier this term, I received an email from Amy Cell, Amy Cell, Director, Talent Enhancement, at Ann Arbor SPARK about a resource that her organization was developing that would provide a list of organizations in Michigan that are hiring talent out of college.

Its true that the economy in Michigan isn't great, but I've found that there are many employers that are seeking new employees and can't find people that have the right skills or want to stay in Michigan. So, there are jobs out there -- its just a matter of finding the right one for your abilities and skills.

Please find below information on the resource being developed by Ann Arbor SPARK:

Are you interested in staying in Michigan after you graduate? Are you trying to find a list of growing companies that hire college graduates for entry level positions? Would you like to find a list of helpful links that can make your job search easier? If the answer to these questions is “YES!? Please check out this link:

Ann Arbor SPARK College Connections

This portal was created just for you – college students that would like to stay in Michigan upon graduation. We have an initial list of 44 companies and a number of helpful links, and we will be adding new companies each week to help connect talent to the great opportunities right here in Michigan. Please feel free to contact Amy Cell at Amy@AnnArborSPARK.org with any questions, comments, suggestions and other feedback.

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