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One Day, One Internship Blog

A while back, I blogged about the One Day, One Job Blog. The author of this blog, Willy Franzen, contacted me to share with me a new blog, specifically about internship searching.

One Day, One Internship
The site is identical to One Day, One Job in almost every way, but instead focuses on internships. The listings focus more on undgraduate internships, but through the power of networking and reaching out to people, undergraduate internships can be modified to fit your interests just by asking and selling yourself and yoru skills well. It looks like they post a new organization and their internship opportunities each day. Enjoy~Kelly

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Alternative Spring Break at the School of Information

I drove into Ann Arbor this morning; there was no traffic and I got a great parking spot. Its not quite summer here; its spring break! But while the halls of SI are quiet, 74 SI students traveled to Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. this last weekend -- snow free! -- and this morning are off to their first day of Alternative Spring Break. You can check out more information about SI's ASB program at http://www.si.umich.edu/pep/asb/. These students will be spending their week helping a wide range of non-profit and governmental organizations with their information management needs.

I asked SI students to send me blog entries -- testimonies of what its like while on ASB. I got my first one to post today... this one is from second year SI student, Bill Cron. Thanks Bill! Enjoy!

DC ASB 2008 Tell-All Blog: Day 1

The night was moist…

Welcome to my blog. This week I'll be writing all about our wonderful ASB adventures in Washington, D.C…Stay tuned!

Day 1 started earlier than I would have preferred. The van pulled up at a quarter to eight with Beth P. and Megan C. ready to roll. We headed to the airport to pick up Malisa L., and the team was united. We were optimistic, we were excited, and we were ready to represent our school with pride. We were four archivists on our way to Washington with a single purpose in mind: donuts.

Having settled the donut issue, and after some confusion about the best way to get to the other side of Toledo, our journey began in earnest. The fifth member of our team, the Chevy Uplander, proved a worthy steed. "White Lightning" made quick work of Ohio before tearing Pennsylvania literally in half. A vehicle for the American Millennium, we thought.

Conversation started brisk and got briskier. Where are you working this week? Have you looked for jobs? How's the semester going? What does Tom Selleck have to do with Maeve Binchy? How many cows were in that herd? Are those Amish romance novels as good as the covers suggest? Has anyone in this van eaten a squirrel? Does Sbarro sell bagel pizzas??? These perverse and often baffling questions demanded consideration as we hurtled toward the nation's capital.

We reached our destination shortly after six. Few hotels evoke Mom and apple pie like the Harrington. Remember the scene in It's a Wonderful Life, where Jimmy Stewart realizes how good his life is, and returns home to a house full of adoring friends? Our entry into the Harrington was nothing like that, but I did feel truly welcome, especially after they gave me a key.

Fellowship and good cheer marked the evening. We were all glad to see friend and recent SI alum Valerie H., living proof that talented archivists can find really good jobs. Val and Christa L. joined Team Uplander for dinner at the Capital City Grille and a private after-dinner Oscar party. Very exclusive, A-List only. Strictly hoodie.

Only time will tell what surprises the week may bring. For the moment we were left to anticipate all we would learn about archives, about each other, and about ourselves.

All for now,

Bill C.

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A Couple Others Career Related Blogs to Check Out!

So... its been a while since I've blogged... I've been a bit tied up with some of the plans for ASB so my energy has been directed elsewhere. I hope for those of you that are loyal readers, that you're understanding of my absence! :)

I've received some emails from other career-related blogs and articles that I wanted to share with you – one is called Bootstrapper... They have some specific entries about job search tips that I thought would be beneficial for you to read:

50+ Tools to Change Your Career Path by Jessica Hupp

"Sometimes you come to a point in your career when you realize you’re just not on the right path. It happens to lots of people, and there are plenty of resources out there to help you make a change. These tools offer assistance for finding the best career for you, and how you can get there..." (Click on the title link to read more…)

From the link provided, it gives you links to 50 different sites and tools that can help you make educated career decisions, explore new careers, and find advice and the answers to your job search questions. Check it out!

Another article that got emailed to me is 20 Jobs That Are (Much) Better or Worse Than You Thought By HR World Editors. Funny article that starts off with the number one job that's worse than you thought as the President of the United States (which I have to agree with!) The second have of the article is about jobs that are great - and librarian is #3 on the great list! Overall, this article makes the lives of Information-related careers sound fun, balanced, and definitely worth your time at SI. :) ~Kelly

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