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ASB Participant Blog

Another ASB Participant (Chenedy Schioperay) sharing their SI-ASB 2008 Experiences...

Project: Scanning Invertebrate Illustrations and Maps
Location: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Intern: Cheney J. Schopieray

For the SI Alternative Spring Break week, I worked under Molly K. Ryan, scientific illustrator, in the Invertebrate Zoology (IZ) division of the Smithsonian Natural History museum. My labor comprised the tail end of a larger effort to digitize the entirety of the IZ original illustrations – most of which had been previously published (1902-c. 2004). The work itself – as expected – was slightly repetitive, though entirely worth the effort for exposure to particular scanning equipment (e.g. the Zeutschel OS10000TT) and to have a glimpse at the Smithsonian’s digital reproduction standards.

The staff of the Smithsonian went out of their way to provide tours to non-public areas (the “mummy vault? and the Rare Book Room). In addition to the work, I was able to attend a meeting at the Library of Congress regarding the Congressional Research Service division, led by Jan Johansson, Angela [ ], (both SI alums) and Robert Newlen. This was a fine opportunity to hear about the CRS and the sort of work they do. And I am officially well over the suggested 100 word target.

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