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ASB Update: Cabrini Connections/Tutor Mentor

Now that I'm officially back from ASB, I'm getting lots of follow-up and positive feedback from the sites. They are sending articles and postings about the experience of ASB and the impact that it makes on their organizations.

Cabrini Connections, a tutor-mentoring program in Chicago, run by Dan Basil, was so pleased to have SI student Dawn Barton help him out during the week of ASB. He has many more projects that SI students can contribute to, so if you are looking for a summer internship at a non-profit, let me know! He's got a project for just about every interest, so if you've got something in mind, he can work with you.

Dan sent me the following link from a Cabrini Connections Forum in which our program is mentioned that I wanted to share: Link

The entry about Dawn and SI's ASB program is at the bottom. I want everyone especially to take note of Dan's comment, "Information and knowledge management is such an important part of any organization, yet non profits seldome have money to devote to having someone on staff focused on this. Thus, building partnership with a university where student manpower can meet the non profit's needs, and the non profit can meet the teaching and learning needs of the university, offers a great fit."

I totally agree with this statement and we hope to continue our partnership with Cabrini Connection in the coming years through ASB and internships.

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