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ASB Internship...

Another potential internship with the Smithsonian -- and this one is probably going to be funded. See iTrack for more information and how to apply!

United States National Herbarium
Smithsonian Institution
The Science Fieldbook Registry

For centuries, biologists have been exploring the earth in an effort to describe the plants, animals, and other natural objects that make up our planet. In the course of these explorations, scientists recorded observations, maintained itineraries, prepared drawings and maps, and otherwise documented each collected specimen in personal notebooks. These critically important sources of bio-diversity data can be difficult to locate. Sometimes they are deposited in archives, other times catalogued in libraries, but all too often they are in limbo … on bookshelves in research offices or the wards of individual scientists.

The National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) is designing an online registry of scientific field books and personal science journals and notes that will provide a central, accessible repository for these critical scientific and historical texts. The Departments of Botany and Vertebrate Zoology (Fishes Division) are piloting this project and are working together to catalog their respective field books, ships logs, research notes, and non-archived correspondence. Two summer interns are sought to help with researching and standardizing record structures, establishing object and data definitions, cataloging objects, and preparing a functional requirements document for a web-based registry.

Interns will have an opportunity to work together, in consultation with Museum staff in the Departments of Botany and Fishes, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, and the Smithsonian Institution Archives, during all system design activities. Each intern will then be assigned to one Department to proceed with cataloging efforts. Collections Managers Rusty Russell (Botany) and Jeff Williams (Fishes) share project management responsibilities and will directly supervise the interns.

We are seeking students with good research and organizational skills, and some experience at assessing system data requirements.

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