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Bill Gates' Final Tour

From the Chronicle of Higher Education...

Bill Gates: the Last Word

The Rolling Stones. The Eagles. The founder of the world's dominant software company. Farewell tours by legends are becoming commonplace. But that last one, featuring Bill Gates, is coming to his final stop on a multiple-university tour, as he prepares to step back from day-to-day duties at Microsoft. This Friday, at the University of Washington, Mr. Gates will deliver a lecture called "Bill Gates Unplugged: On Software, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Giving Back." The time of the event is 3:15 p.m. Pacific time. And you can tune in through UWTV, available in Seattle through broadcast, elsewhere on satellite through DISHnetwork, and (of course) over the Internet. For a preview, check out Carnegie Mellon's student newspaper, The Tartan, which reported on a Gates college stop back in February. Interestingly, they described it as the last stop. Well, the Rolling Stones have had multiple encores. Why not the Software King? --Josh Fischman

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