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Have to do a Presentation at an Interview? Tips!

It's not uncommon for master's students to have to do a presentation on a topic when interviweing for a post-graduate school position. A soon-to-be graduting SI student provided me with the tips/guidelines provided to him by the organization he was interviewing with for his presentation... this should be helpful for those that aren't quite certain about which approach to take, what to include, etc...

To assist the candidate in preparing for the presentation, the following should prove helpful:

• The presentation is to be on the assigned topic. The candidate chooses what approach to take.

• The candidate should state at the outset what assumptions he or she is making about the composition of the audience being addressed and its knowledge level; e.g., a group of librarians with considerable knowledge of the topic; a group of board members who know little about the topic, etc.

• The presentation should last for XX minutes. The presentation will be timed, and the principal interviewer of the candidate will indicate when the allotted time has expired.

• The presentation may be videotaped by division personnel.

• The presentation will be given before a group of X to XX staff and will normally include staff members whose positions require giving presentations and presenting workshops and seminars.

• After the presentation, attendees will rate the candidate on a seven-point scale in the areas of organization and presentation. An average of the ratings will be used as a weighted factor in the hiring decision.

Criteria that will be considered in rating the candidate's organization are whether the purpose or goal of the presentation is clearly stated, whether the information presented is well chosen to achieve the goal, whether the content is organized around a few key points, whether the amount of time per point covered is appropriate to its relative importance, the degree of helpfulness of any handouts or visual aids, and whether the content is presented in logical order.

Criteria that will be considered in rating the candidate's presentation are whether ideas and explanations are well expressed without distracting digressions; pacing, intonation, enunciation, volume and speed; the use of proper grammar; the use of undefined, specialized language inappropriate to the assumed audience and its knowledge level; whether good contact is established with entire audience; the timing of anecdotes, explanations, visual aids, demonstrations, etc.; and the presence or absence of fidgeting or distracting mannerisms.

Posted by kkowatch at April 18, 2008 04:25 PM


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