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Libraries Are Hanging in There During Tough Economic Times

Last night, I was driving home and listening to NPR and they were discussing the rise in the use of public library services during these tough economic times. I thought this was great news to share with our readers! I can't say that I think that this will directly lead to an increase in hiring’s in this field (but it’s always possible), but I think that employment trends for work in public libraries will stay steady and if you already have a PL job, then I don't see it going anywhere. I certainly see a consistent number of public library positions still going out on the listservs.

This may not be as true for special libraries, but it depends on the level of public access. On the flip side, companies such home internet providers, Amazon.com and other online book sellers will see a direct decrease in revenue as people tighten their belts and switch to using the free services at public libraries such as newspapers, magazines, internet services, and, of course, books. On a more positive note, Joanna and I have continued to meet with and hear from many organizations – libraries and many others - in the Ann Arbor and SE Detroit area and they are looking to hire.

The whole text for this bit isn't available, but you can listen to it online on the NPR website. Link below.

Libraries Shine In Tough Economic Times
Listen Now [4 min 7 sec]

All Things Considered, July 29, 2008

With the economy slowing, many Americans are doing research in the public library. Boyd County, Ky., Library Director Debbie Cosper says public-use computers are always full and people are checking out books rather than buying them.

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