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Check out CareerLeak.com

Not too long ago, I posted a blog about the career resource, Vault, which you can access through the UM Career Center. SI Careers received via email a link to a similar, but free, site called CareerLeak.com. Check it out add some information!

CareerLeak Redefines Job Research

CareerLeak is simple; by focusing on the power of crowd sourcing, individuals can post, search and explore careers. CareerLeak is free and is an open community that encourages individuals to post their experiences in order to enhance the content of the site. This is not a site to rant a rave, rather an opportunity to post and search objective job profiles.

CareerLeak was established with the objective to remove barriers that job seekers encounter when searching for a job. These barriers include, lack of insight to company culture, manager quality, salaries, working environment, and more. Transparency will empower the job seeker by providing information that can help eliminate certain companies as potential employers. This is very similar to the way an employer screens its applicants, just reversed. In reality, the benefits of CareerLeak extend beyond being a tool for prospective hires and includes employers. An employer can not only get anonymous feedback from their employees, but theoretically have their applicant pool screened by eliminating employees that for one facet or another didn't match based on the applicant research on CareerLeak.com

Post Individuals who are currently working, or have previously been employed fill out simple surveys that intend to discover aspects of working for specific employers. Survey items include salaries, hours, education required, management abilities and more.

Search Surveys immediately become searchable. Prospective employees can explore what it is like to work at a company before they even apply. They can even find interview information that can help land the job they are pursing.

Explore Additional resources are available including articles, occupation profiles, and advice.


CareerLeak is a free user generated job site that focuses on insider information from real companies. The site operates like vault.com, but it is free.

We are fairly new, however you will see that the site has many substantial pages that will benefit your students.

Posted by kkowatch at August 11, 2008 12:00 PM


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