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ARM: Be a Mentor or Mentee!

SAA's Records Management Roundtable seeks YOUR participation in SAA's Mentoring Program!

The Records Management Roundtable (RMRT) is working cooperatively with SAA's Membership Committee to partner experienced Records Managers with future leaders in the field. In order to fulfill the RMRT Steering Committee's goal of providing better professional development to its members, I am serving as a Mentoring Project Coordinator on behalf of the RMRT Membership Subcommittee. Please read on to learn how you can participate in this project's success!

A Records Management Mentor is:
- willing to offer suggestions for networking opportunities, pursuit of employment, and professional resources
- open to discussing theory and practice of the archival and RM field(s)
- interested in helping the future of RM strengthen and endure
- striving to refresh and further develop his or her own career
- eager to reap the personal and professional rewards available through the Mentoring role

A Records Management Mentee is someone who wants to explore RM as a profession or learn more about the field. Mentees may be students; archivists or other information professionals who want to learn how RM can enhance their careers; or those new to the field seeking guidance from experienced records managers.

The rest is up to you! The Mentor/Mentee partnership is what you make of it and can offer great benefits to both participants. This endeavor has already produced one successful match! If you would like to take part in this project, please provide the following information to help us develop suitable matches:

Name and contact information
Whether you want to be a Mentor or Mentee Brief synopsis of who you are and what you hope to offer or receive from the Mentoring relationship Areas of RM that interest you: academic, corporate, government, religious, museum, historical society, tribal, library, consulting, other (please specify) What you look for in a Mentor or Mentee: geographic or gender preferences, et cetera

Send this information to Katie Scanlan at kascanlan@wisc.edu and Mentor/Mentee partnerships will be recommended to you for further pursuit. The RMRT and SAA Membership Committee do not monitor or endorse Mentor/Mentee partnerships beyond this recommendation.

Thank you!

Katie Scanlan, J.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Posted by kkowatch at September 9, 2008 10:46 AM


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