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Listserve Disussion of Recruiters and Resumes

Have you ever wondered what happens when your resume and cover letter are received by the prospective employer? Like who sees it, how do they read it, what do they do with it, and how do applicants get winnowed down?

Those mysteries and more will be unveiled in a special panel discussion to be held on the Work For Us listserv, Monday October 27 through Friday October 31. (Info on Work for Us is below.) If you are in humanities, education or social science, or for that matter any discipline, this discussion will give you top quality information about what happens in Human Resource departments of corporations and government agencies when they receive your application materials.

Joining us will be four real live Human Resource professionals from a variety of different organizations, including one from federal government. They will introduce themselves on Monday October 27, then answer questions all week till Friday October 31.

If you would like to participate, subscribe to Work For Us listserv before October 27. Information and subscription instructions are below. It's easy; the whole thing happens on email so there are no chatrooms to visit, no phone calls to make. No long-term commitment is required; you may subscribe just for this discussion if you want, then unsubscribe after it's over. And it's free.

Hoping you will join us,

Paula Foster Chambers, Ph.D.
Work For Us list manager

For more information about this list, and for a complete archive of all previous Guest Speaker Discussions, please visit the Work For Us website: http://career.studentaffairs.duke.edu/graduate/wrk4us/index.html


"Work For Us" (aka WRK4US) was founded in 1999 by Paula Foster Chambers as a safe place for the free and supportive discussion of nonacademic and careers for people with graduate degrees in humanities, education and the social sciences. Since then, WRK4US has grown to over 1,600 subscribers from all over North America and has received national media attention (Chronicle of Higher Education, US News and World Report).

A unique feature of Work For Us is the Guest Speaker Discussions, in which humanities, education or social science PhDs who have succeeded outside the academy come onto the list for a week, share their stories, and answer questions from the group.

To subscribe to Work For Us, visit https://lists.duke.edu/sympa/info/wrk4us and follow the prompts.

If you have any technical difficulty, email virginia.steinmetz@duke.edu

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