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Looking for a GSI Position at UM? Read on...

The UM Academic HR website has a listing of all the GSI positions available: http://www.hr.umich.edu/acadhr/grads/postings.html

(Note: While there are no actual GSI/GSSA position postings at this site, each of the links below contain detailed descriptions of the relevant procedures, processes, timelines, etc. of University of Michigan academic units that regularly appoint GSI’s and GSSA’s. In many cases, the information may also contain links to local unit websites (or description of physical locations) at which actual postings may be located. All inquiries from current or prospective graduate students about the academic programs themselves, or about specific GSI or GSSA appointment opportunities, should be directed to the involved academic units.)

I'm not sure, but I think that this isn't a comprehensive list, so if there is a certain department that you are especially interested in, you may want to contact the department directly to inquire about openings.

When submitting an application for a GSI position, you are going to want to emphasis your teaching experiences. GSI positions at UM are extremely competitive, but that doesn't mean that they are impossible to attain as we have a handful of students every year that get them.

If you choose to submit an application, consider also adding a cover letter that speaks to the following topics:

1. Command of the Course Material
a. Demonstrated mastery of the material in the course; Performance in the course itself; Previous coursework/work experience
b. Overall academic performance

2. Teaching Skills/Promise
a. Teaching experience/skills; Prior teaching performance (here or elsewhere); Particular skills for a course: e.g. leading discussions, assisting/assessing writing, strong quantitative skills, etc.
b. Rapport with the instructor (usually assessed by instructor preferences among candidates)
c. Interpersonal and communication skills; Ability to establish good rapport with the full range of students, particularly those having trouble; Approachable, supportive, a good listener; Ability to understand, diagnose, and address student difficulties; Strong presentation/group interaction skills; Capable of GSIing his/her fellow students (if applicable); General maturity

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